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There are situations in which one wonders, is it worth it?. “I live on the road”. Opinion

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When you give the step and you choose the transport as a profession and way of life, the illusion of stepping into a truck and roll down the roads of this world, cause you to pay expensive things which in principle do not give importance. You guides, by which, like others, you too can do it, there would be no more.

But sadly, the price is far too expensive in many situations.

When you now talk about the family issue, that you spend more time with your family and friends, in what place were the carriers?, what we do not account the balance between family and work?. And is that like so many things, our work loses in the human. If you gentlemen, in the most basic of any job worth having, in our relationship with our own that no-one seems to import.

“Missing drivers”, they say. And what’s more pathetic is that you miss. There are very few that are actually valued and paid in their work and therefore are many who are tired, do not hold up or not even start, seeing that they are treated as an extension of the tachograph.

A driver, you will have to assess not only what he is able to in your post, but for all that leaves to do its work. That is what no one wants to pay and that is the most expensive thing in a driver. Perhaps it is best to look for, like the homeless, drivers with no family to pay them a pittance or drivers with problems in the Treasury, to pay them in black, (what I say).

The case is that this craft gives you the feeling that only you can make those who have no, nor dog to bark at the passage that leads. Many will think in other trades that is a long time away from home, but also know that in one way or another are much better paid. This is not to say that everything has a price but if you a value.

To any of those who get to know me you might be surprised, when you read this article, my way of reivindicarme today, but is my heart set on the of a colleague who speaks. A companion to this Monday 8, before the start of the week, he dies his wife suddenly. Just think of the situation if he had already gone out of travel….

Not only we drive a truck, we leave each time we do so, someone waiting for you and that there who appreciate.

My most heartfelt condolences to José Antonio. Carmen will guide us from above.


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