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Strength SUV: the Range Rover Sentinel is a panic room rolling (+video)

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Just a few days ago, he has performed in public, the latest evolution of the Range Rover Sentinel. This is a version reinforced the Range Rover, created by SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) – the special projects division of Jaguar/Land Rover – with the aim of ensuring maximum protection for its occupants. Maximum protection against attack with firearms and explosives, making the car ideal for dignitaries or white designated: I let you imagine what kind of people might need a car as well. The Range Rover Sentinel faces 2019 with even more protection and even more power.

Outwardly what is certain is that Land Rover has done an excellent job, camouflaging perfectly with the ton of armor that the car carries. This shield is located in all the panels of his body, in the low and in the crystals, which are able to withstand impacts of ammunition of 7.62 mm caliber – the caliber of a Kalashnikov AK-47, the assault rifle most common on the planet. The undercarriage has also been strengthened: its suspension, brakes and chassis have a higher resistance, being able to withstand potholes, obstacles and the weight of the car in jumps, as the video released by Land Rover shows.

The suspension is designed to withstand a weight of 4.4 tons. The wading capacity is nothing less than 850 mm

Their tires are run-flat, and allow to circulate at speeds up to 80 km/h with them pricked – something practical to escape from an ambush or an attack. The glass front is open to a maximum of 150 mm, enough to allow the delivery of documents. Has been certified with a protection level VR8, a level designed to withstand the impact of bullets of a high caliber, as well as to resist the explosion of explosive devices, such as hand pumps. Optionally you can also mount strobe lights – similar to those of the vehicles of police.

In addition to these striking lights, you can equip a pa system, for communication with the outside. The Range Rover Sentinel has abandoned the use of six-cylinder engines, to be considered a little powerful. Now, he is using a 5.0 V8 supercharged by compressor, with 380 HP of power. This engine allows a 0 to 100 km/h of 10.4 seconds, a good figure for a car that can weigh up to four tonnes, with several occupants on board. Its top speed has been limited by electronics to 193 km/h. According to Land Rover, is just as effective off-road as other Range Rover.

It is so luxurious and comfortable as their brethren of production, with modern infotainment systems, and large possibilities of customization.

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The Range Rover is the acme of luxury suv british. With a majestic air, a british style is unmistakable, and the interior elaborately finished in the best materials and with exquisite taste, the Range Rover offers some qualities off-road worthy of the best off-road data as a depth of wading maximum of 1.10 m, a real outrage.


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