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Europe needs an investment 12,300 million in the airports

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EUROPA PRESS.- Europe is facing an investment gap airport 12,300 million euros in the next five years, this will add a deficit of 12% between the investment in airports required and carried out since 2013, in a context of investments generally lag behind in transport infrastructure.

These have been the main conclusions of the Third Symposium on investments airport charges, which took place this week in Brussels, organized by the Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe) in collaboration with the World Association of Investors of Infrastructure (GIIA).

The event brought together airport operators, institutional investors, financial advisors and airlines, together with representatives of the European Commission, the European Investment Bank (EIB), Eurocontrol and EU States.

During the event, it was stressed that given that Europe already represents more than half of the airports are more congested in the world, the lack of investment in airports will compromise the competitive position of the European Union, threaten the economic convergence and the full benefits of the single market. In addition, it will also affect the ability of the airports to decarbonise.

The european airports formally committed in June last year to achieve zero emissions of CO2 to 2050, based on the work done during the past ten years to reduce the carbon emissions over which they have control through the Accreditation program of Carbon from the Airport. But to achieve ‘Net Zero’ will require further significant investments to decarbonize both its facilities (buildings) as their fleets of vehicles.

“The modernization of passenger terminals, existing and the development of new ones with the highest standards of energy efficiency will require at least 25.900 million euros in additional investments. While this will generate significant time savings extra in terms of operating costs, these savings will only materialise if we make these investments, and once that has been done,” said director general of ACI Europe, Olivier Jankovec.

The association notes that because governments “no longer are willing or unable to fund the airport development and state aid rules of the EU limit their ability to do so”, the investment in aviation in Europe has become essentially corporate and increasingly private in the last twenty years.

“At the same time, the strong demand growth, the evolution of the market and external factors have led to the need for investment in airports will increase and become more diverse. These now range from the capacity, connectivity and quality, to security and protection, as well as digitization and integration of ATM, intermodality and, of course, sustainability, climate resilience and decarbonisation”, says the ICA.

Therefore “the priority today should be on sustainability, capacity and interest of the consumer. It is time that regulators begin to focus on these, instead of the interest of the airlines,” he concluded, ” Jankovec.

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