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This may be the car that changed it all, a Dacia electric of 10,000 euros

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We are currently experiencing a period of huge change in which brands are increasingly squeezed by regulations anti-pollution more stringent, and an obvious change to electric mobility, with increasingly numerous hybrid options and a huge amount of electric cars that will arrive in the next few months. Volkswagen sees in the Volkswagen ID.3 the new people’s car, as it was in his day the Volkswagen Beetle, although now now electric of course, but what if actually the electric car that changes everything is the electric car from Dacia?

Renault wants to sell in 5 years an electric car for 10,000 euros

Renault City K Ze 2019 Electrico 04Renault City K Ze 2019 Electrico 04

Sound rumors suggest that Renault might be evaluating launch an electric car in Europe with a price that is very very polite, so polite that this electric car could cost half of what they now cost economic alternatives such as the SEAT Mii electric and is that already there are those who are fixed at € 10,000 to this course electric car low cost Renault.

On the occasion of the Frankfurt show Thierry Bolloré, CEO of Renault, has pointed out that currently the bulk of the marks are working on electric cars premium, something that collides with the promise of a SEAT of an electric car of some 20,000 euros, and in addition, Bolloré has also noted that they expect to be able to offer an electric car for 10,000 euros in the next 5 years.

The Renault City K-ZE could be the electric car of 10,000 euros, sold in Europe as Dacia

Renault City K Ze 2019 Electrico 02Renault City K Ze 2019 Electrico 02

This evidently does not think the arrival of an electric car to the range of Dacia and at the same time makes us think of the chinese market, where Renault sells the Renault City K-ZE, a small SUV for urban electric with a price close to the change, to 8,000 euros.

This could be the long-awaited electric car economic of Renault for Europe, raising its price up to € 10,000 for costs incurred to adapt to our market and sold under the badge of Dacia.

The SEAT Mii eléctico will be one of the electric cars cheaper until you reach this hypothetical Dacia electric

Renault City K Ze 2019 Electrico 03Renault City K Ze 2019 Electrico 03

Of course, this model has some modest specifications, with a power output of 44 BHP and a maximum torque of 125 Nm and its autonomy is of 270 km according to the cycle of approval old, the NEDC, so that in practice we should expect a range considerably lower. In any way these credentials could be valid for everyday use, especially if we’re not going to go too far from the city.

Met forecasts this could become the true electric car of the people, a bestseller in the midst of the enormous change that is coming, how we will get to really see an electric car for 10,000 euros? We hope impatient for more news.

Renault K Ze Suv Electrico 4Renault K Ze Suv Electrico 4


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