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This McLaren P1 GTR has only filmed 193 km, and are looking for a owner to release

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The McLaren P1 GTR is one of cars more special to come out of Woking these past few years. Is the version of the circuit of the already amazing McLaren P1, a supercar hybrid that does a little more than half a decade gave more than one scare to the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. The P1 GTR is the version not limited by the regulations of safety and emissions: is the drive circuit final. In fact, a road version of the P1 GTR has shown that it is capable of rolling at a pace of 6:43,22 at the Nürburgring. This is not the case of the McLaren P1 GTR to our article, caged and barely used. Needs to be unleashed.

The beautiful McLaren P1 GTR that shines in your screens is a true object of desire. A machine raunchy and passionate, whose maximum performance is only possible exploit in circuit, at the hands of an expert pilot. Like other P1 GTR, mounted a engine 3.8 V8 biturbo, which in combination with an electric motor, develops a maximum power of 1,000 HP. With an empty weight of 1.345 kilograms – 50 kilograms less than the P1 street – is a machine tremendously fast. The unit that is on sale is offered by nothing less than Canepa Motorsport.

It was the first McLaren P1 GTR to be imported to the united States. It is a Model Year 2016.

Bruce Canepa is not only a legend of the competition, is the owner of a workshop that is in charge of restoring and maintaining racing cars like the Porsche 917 or Porsche 956. Although they specialize in Porsche and produced legends such as the 959 SC restomod – if you don’t know what you’re talking about comes into this article – also delight us with cars of other brands. In these moments tempt us with this gorgeous McLaren P1 GTR. This P1 GTR was commissioned by the Bruce Canepa, and the car was customized from the early stages of production. For example, his painting is unique.

The green shade is called “Canepa Green” and you can’t find in any other car. The classic color “McLaren Heritage Orange” of your front, side mirrors, and spoiler could be found in the racing cars with which Bruce McLaren cemented his fame. The car was commissioned with two baquets and commissioned a leather-trimmed Alcantara fascia and moldings, with the goal of reducing the glare. The true misfortune is that this car has only travelled 193,7 km since it was delivered to Canepa in 2016. I will only mention that Laguna Seca is less than 100 km from the workshop of Bruce Canepa.

Has never competed in any event, or rode a strong pace in the circuit. Its less than 200 km would have been made to speed ride.

The car has never stepped foot in a circuit or rolled at the rate for which it was designed. Its system of hydraulic jacks built has never been used, and you have never changed your tires central lock nut. The car has never been able to show his potential in the environment of a circuit. The car has been locked up in a heated garage, as a simple instrument of investment. This is your only chance of being released from this “prison”. The price is not announced on the web Canepa, and we fear that if you have to ask… is that you can not afford it. Think of seven… or eight figures.

Here you can see the drive announced by Canepa.

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