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What is the Nissan Leaf an electric car, cheap?

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If you look at an electric car , and possibly the Nissan Leaf is one of the first to appear for your mind and it is that, after two generations in the market when the offer is not too bulky, the Nissan Leaf has managed to carve a niche as a clear reference for those thinking of buying an electric car. Now Nissan is promoting it and the question is forced, what is or is not an electric car economical?

The Nissan Leaf in promotion by 32.600 euros actually has a price close to the 39.000 euros

The Nissan Leaf currently has a starting price announced of 32.600 euros, a price promotion that goes through the financing with the financial proposal for the mark, and that leaves us really with a total amount installment 38.804 euros, an amount that we need to drill down on an entry of 6.520 euros, a monthly fee of 487 euros for 37 months and a higher final share of € 14,000.

With a price of € 35,000 the Nissan Leaf offers, between the electric cars of today, a price / autonomy successful if we take into account that the BMW i3, with 260 km of autonomy and 170 HP but with a premium interior design and a more conceptual part from 39.900 euros.

To put in context this is a price we must bear in mind that originally this car, without discounts, would have a price of 35,000 euros, but how is the Nissan Leaf that we carry for those 35,000 euros, 38.804 euros if we fund with the financial brand?

The Nissan Leaf has a power of 150 HP and a range of 270 km

This Nissan Leaf is the Nissan Leaf more modest in the range, a Nissan Leaf Acenta which puts at our disposal an equipment in which highlights elements such as the multimedia system with 8-inch screen, the browser, smart cruise control, rear view camera, alloy wheels of 16 inches, the climate control and the smart key system, with push-button start.

In what to performance and autonomy is referred to in this Nissan Leaf has an electric motor that provides us with a power of 150 HP and its batteries put at our disposal a range of 270 km on the combined cycle and up to 389 km if we only make a movement in urban areas.

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If you are thinking of buying a Nissan Leaf you should be aware that in the coming months, the Volkswagen group will launch a significant number of new electric cars, as the front SEAT with the SEAT e-Born. You also need to take this to a BMW i3 has a starting price, without discounts, of 39.900 euros and counts with a power of 170 HP and an autonomy of 260 km

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To buy an electric have to be very sure. If you are, could well be this.


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