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Come into operation two new radars of stretch in the A-2

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Writing.- The Catalan Traffic Service (SCT) has put into operation two new radars to stretch from Thursday 16 May with the aim of reducing excessive or inappropriate speed in this stretch as well as accidents.

These systems control the speed to respond to the guidelines set out in the Strategic Plan of Road Safety or 2,014-2.020 and are an effective tool aligned with the strategy of Vision Zero. In particular, we will implement a radar section in the A-2 between Rock and Argençola (Anoia) in the sense of Barcelona between km 539,210 and 545,170 that will control the speed along a stretch of 5,96 km in length. In direction Lleida-the-radar section is located between km 545,175 and 539,204 and control the speed along a stretch of 5.97 km in length. The maximum speed limit allowed on the road is 120 km/h.

With this expansion of 11,93 km of the road network equipped with speed control devices, are already 146.443 miles of the road network Catalan controlled by this system of average speed. With these new devices, work 30 radars of this type in the whole of the road network of catalonia.

Operation of the radar section

This system of control of the average speed works through a equipment of recognition of license plates located at the beginning and at the end of the segment controlled, which measures the propagation time and calculates the average speed to determine if you have exceeded the maximum speed limit allowed. These cinemómetros have the aim of prolonging the effect of the reduction of speed for several miles to make a space road safe.

Main advantages of speed control section

.- Is an effective tool to reduce accidents and improve road safety.

.- Avoid sudden brakes in front.

.- Covering effectively an entire stretch of a road.

.- Rates are achieved over equal and uniform throughout the stretch.

.- It is a deterrent of great effectiveness on the behavior of drivers.

.- This system complements the systems of conventional control, such as radar, microwave, laser and piezoelectric.

With these two new device A-2, now work 30 radar section in the whole of the road network in Catalan: transit.gencat.cat

(Photo: SCT)

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