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In Competition: Sidecars, trucks and tractors: all over the world have set foot in a circuit from earth [Videos]

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Is there anything we like more than to see vehicles atypical competing? Possibly see them racing away from the asphalt. That’s why we bring you today a small sample of races and competitions that possibly don’t tend to have on the radar but not slow to call at least our attention. And is that in a circuit of earth not only can compete with cars or bikes: there is also a site for the sidecars, trucks and even tractors.

We’ll start with the latter because they are the closest we have left. Since more than two decades ago the municipality of cadiz of Guadalcacín has the honor of hosting the Championship of Andalusia, Racing Tractors, composed by a single appointment, the village organizes at the beginning of September. Under the umbrella of the Andalusian Federation of motor Racing and with a successful public that to yes would like other competitions more prestigious a handful of tractors ready with engines, usually of american origin, fighting for the honor of local scenes more typical of the races in american the of here.

Interestingly in Russia, specifically in Rostov region, have also thought of putting to run their tractors but most spectacular sport…

In any case, if there are a few teachers in that run with what is and as is, those are the French. With a great tradition of autocross and rallycross, being for example very popular contests that employ classical models such as the 2CV or the Twingo, in France for enough years that there is also a France Cup Camioncross. The discipline turned 20 years old recently and has taken so many roots that it comprises different categories in function of the preparation, the weight and the power.

Finally, and although as we get closer dangerously to the ground of the two wheels that only seek to play on the occasion of the Dakar, also the sidecars have their hole in the ground loops. The FIM is organising a european contest of Sidecarcross that in fact even has an appointment in Spain, organized in the path of motocross Talavera de la Reina. Even so, the images do not have waste for those who are more accustomed to cars than to bikes, especially in regards to the jumps so common in tracks, motocross…

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