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In-Competition: It Electric! Hyundai shows the speed and the sound of his Veloster N ETCR [Video]

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What we had seen in some images of his first test, however, was missing by listening to the sound of the first electric vehicle racing-the history of Hyundai Motorsport. And what is certain is that, with the first videos official the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR, we find a pitch even higher than that of the cars of the Gen2 of the Formula E, as well as a speed that seems inappropriate for a first test/shakedown for a project completely new and revolutionary.

Obviously the images don’t win races and you can always seems that a car is devilishly quick with the camera shot correct. Be that as it may, the Hyundai, and its pilot unknown left a good feeling on the asphalt of the Hungaroring, with a behavior that in the visual seems to be very balanced in the turns thanks to its configuration with central engine and rear-wheel drive.

We must remember at this point that Xavier Serra, technical director of the project for the Cupra e-Racer, pointed out that his vehicle was capable of delivering a power of 680 HP in a timely manner, with an average of about 405 HP to 1.575 kg in vacuum. These figures, added to the configuration of rear-wheel drive should help the times are much better than the variant with the heat engine, which announces officially about 350 HP to the 1.150 kg In the case of the Veloster should be able to extrapolate those data.

Read below: Electric and rear-wheel-drive. The Hyundai Veloster N ETCR take a ride on the Circuit of Hungaroring


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