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Elite Taxi Barcelona has decided to specialise and start to charge a fee to its partners

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EFE.- Elite Taxi, the organization that has led the fight against Uber and Cabify in Barcelona, has decided to specialise and start to charge a fee to their associates, to the time you plan to open an office in Brussels to act as “lobby” in Europe, with the advice of experts of various fields.

The association, whose spokesman is Tito Alvarez, born in 2,014 companies in the Catalan capital and has become the first organization of the sector in Catalonia, with more than 2,300 associates, primarily in Barcelona. Elite Taxi, furthermore, it has been extended to more than a dozen Spanish cities and to many others abroad, such as Paris, Marseilles, Rome, Naples, Brussels, Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo, with an autonomous organization in each one of them.

In order to make it “sustainable” and able to cope with chances of success the new challenges of the sector, its drivers have decided to “professionalize” the organization, which from now on will be financed with membership fees.

The aim is that from April the taxi drivers associated with Elite begin to pay a fee of 30 euros per month: “it is what it costs to race to the airport”, stated to EFE Alvarez, who has pointed out that the money raised will defray the actions that drive the organization and compensate for the hours that the officers engaged in trade union action.

Elite Barcelona, who from now on will be called Elite Taxi Catalonia, also plans to hire renowned experts to advise them in the areas of legal, economic and technological. One of those professionals will be the ex-judge Elpidio Silva, who has already represented the association in the legal battle to open by the taxi industry against platforms like Uber and Cabify.

Tito Alvarez has underlined that without the help of a former judge, the taxi Catalan did not have today a decree law that restricts the activity of the VTC. “In the future we want to continue working on their side, because we think that has a lot to continue to contribute”, he said. This small group of experts -the other names will be announced in the coming days – will be responsible for developing reports, represent the taxi in meetings with authorities, participate in conferences or to defend the interests of the sector in Europe.

Elite is set to open an office in Brussels (Belgium) representing the interests of taxi drivers from all over Europe and, with the help of these experts, exercise of “lobby” before institutions such as the European Commission or the european Parliament.

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