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The Tesla Cyberquad is in reality a quad Yamaha, but in key and electrical style Blade Runner

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In his presentation, the pick up electric Tesla Cybertruck wine accompanied by a small squire: a quad electric off-road called Tesla Cyberquad that, as confirmed by the own Elon Musk on Twitter, it will be an optional associated with their new truck and electric. And it seems dangerously close to the Yamaha Raptor, by the way…

With this atv eléctrificada Tesla opens even more its supply of vehicles, where you will not only find sedans (Model S, Model 3) and SUV (Model X and Model, And), but also sports (the new Tesla Roadster), the above-mentioned pick-up, a proposal of electric truck (Tesla Semi) and now a quad.

And calls the attention that the californian brand dares to take this step: not in vain, Musk confirmed last year that never manufactured an electric motorcycle due to a bad experience she had at the age of 17, in which it was about to crash into a truck, by labeling this type of vehicles dangerous. Although, of course, a quad bike is not a motorcycle.

A bike is not, but a quad yes

Tesla Pick Up Remolque 2Tesla Pick Up Remolque 2

Although the outfit that you saw this Tesla Cyberquad is clearly inspired in the own Tesla Cybertruck, with a body of forms aristadas and futuristic, with a strong aesthetic cyberpunk, this quad seems to be based on the Yamaha Raptor, but adding new panels and handlebars, as well as, we understand, an electric thruster.

For now, Musk has been limited to confirm that it will be an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) in the key power, is awd, and that will accommodate two people, as is the case with the Yamaha Raptor. It would not be the first time that Tesla builds one of their vehicles in an already existing model: the Tesla Roadster, which was the first model that the firm’s Palo Alto brought to the market in 2008, was conceived on the basis of a Lotus Elise.

Similarly, the CEO of Tesla points out that this Cyberquad will be an optional associated with the Cybertruck, and that, subsequently, the brand will evaluate if it will be offered as individual vehicle in their offer. During the presentation of the pick-up, electric, Tesla announced in addition that it is a prototype, so that to know its specifications, price and possible release will have to wait for the manufacturer to say this mouth is mine.

What we do know is that it can be charged plugged in to outlets, traditional 110/220 V, so you will be able to be recharged in the own Cybertruck, that you have in your generous box of outlets 110/220 V powered by the battery of the truck, which can offer up to 805 kilometers of autonomy in its most comprehensive option of three electric motors (Tri Motor).

Taking into account that the production of the Tesla Cybertruck will not begin until 2021 and that the Cyberquad to be the first choice being an ‘accessory’ of the same, surely, as closer to this date we have more news of this quad electric with the that will dare Tesla.

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