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The Subaru XV is also now a hybrid car, with label ECO series, but what about its price?

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The Subaru XV has become a hybrid car and by the way, has earned a tag ECHO that was already available for the handheld version Bi-Fuel, the adapted version to LPG the Subaru XV. The japanese firm already supports orders of this Subaru XV hybrid, but, what is your price and who offers us? So is the new Subaru XV hybrid.

The hybrid system in the Subaru XV promises to reduce its consumption by 11%

The Subaru XV hybrid arrive with a petrol engine maximum power of 2 litres of cubicaje and boxer shorts, of course, which develops an output of 145 HP, a mechanical which for the occasion is accompanied by an electric thruster of 12.3 kW (16,7 CV), integrated in the automatic gearbox Lineartronic, and powered by a lithium ion battery of 118 volts. In total, the Subaru XV hybrid develops a power of 150 HP and a torque of 197 Nm that are delivered to the asphalt through a system of total traction, hallmark fundamental in Subaru.

Thanks to this mechanical electrical the Subaru XV hybrid is able to circulate in electric mode up to 40 km/h and although not yet announced final data for its consumption through approved japanese brand speaks of a reduction of 11% compared to the mechanical conventional gasoline.

But… what is the price of the Subaru XV hybrid?

Price of the Subaru XV hybrid

The Subaru XV hybrid has a starting price of 30.200 euros in the case of going to the Sport trim Plus and 32.200 euros in the case of choosing the finish Executive Plus, counting in both cases, with discounts already included. This makes this version of 2,500 euros over and above the alternatives with conventional engine and 750 euros above options bi-fuel, adapted to LPG series.

Equipment of Subaru XV hybrid

In terms of equipment as standard from the finish Sport Plus we find ourselves with a budget which includes items such as alloy wheels of 18 inches, the LED headlights, the tinted glass, heated front seats, multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen, connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the safety system EyeSight with the system to stay in the lane or the adaptive cruise control, climate control bizona and double USB socket.

On this equipment, the finish Executive Plus added items such as the electric sunroof, the wizard of beam of light, upholstery leather, electric adjustment of the driver’s seat, the system of entry and start with smart key and interior mirror with automatic antiglare.


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