Home News The US Postal Service initiates route with truck self-employed to relieve the driving team. Video

The US Postal Service initiates route with truck self-employed to relieve the driving team. Video

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@Camioneroleones.- The Postal Service of the united States (USPS, for its acronym in English) has begun testing the technology truck self-employed to carry the mail on a route of more than 20 hours, which is usually done in trucks with dual driver.

On the 21st of May, the trucking company self-employed, TuSimple, announced the contract with USPS to carry the mail for five round-trips between the distribution centres of Phoenix (Arizona) and Dallas (Texas), with a distance of about 1,000 miles (1.609 kilometers). The contract is part of a pilot program of two weeks duration that had begun last Tuesday.

TuSimple has explained in a press release, that the trucks are self-employed will operate for 22 hours each, which includes driving at night, traveling through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas through the Interstate I-10, I-20 and I-30. During the last two weeks of the test, a safety engineer and a truck driver traveling in the truck to monitor the performance. This last is responsible for driving in urban areas, while the technology of the trucks are autonomous, he does for the interstate.

For the company, make a path of 22 hours is perfect for trucks, self-employed since the same is normally done with driving in the team and the drivers are very difficult to recruit due to the need to drive during the night, sharing the cabin with another colleague and to the amount shortage of truck drivers today. TuSimple expects to be able to release the truck drivers to transport goods long distance, so that they can perform their work in shorter routes, more dynamic and close to their homes.

After completion of the project, the USPS will analyze and assess the continuity of the tests with trucks self-employed to carry the mail. In the video below you can see a truck self-TuSimple during a storm in Arizona last fall.

[embedded content]

(Photo: TuSimple)


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