Home News The senator Paulo Paim asks for retirement at 55 years for truckers brazilian

The senator Paulo Paim asks for retirement at 55 years for truckers brazilian

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Writing.- Do you remember when a truck driver brazilian had the right to a special retirement? This type of retirement allows workers to participate in activities that expose them to agents harmful to health to retire before. In 1995, the teamsters lost that right.

But now an amendment written by senator Paulo Paim of the PT in Rio Grande do Sul could change that if approved. The bill supplementary to 245 , which was presented in the National Congress, includes the activities of transportation of freight and passengers between those who are entitled to the special retirement.

Depending on the time of exposure to risk and the time of contribution to Social Security, the benefit can be granted at the age of 55.

After the pension reform , the normal retirement age will be 65 for men and 62 for women, with a minimum of 15 years of contribution. The exception will be for men who enter the labour market after they have applied the new rules: they must contribute for at least 20 years. As a result, professional drivers in categories C, D and E would benefit from a special retirement and could retire earlier.

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A survey of Arteris held in 2016 shows that approximately 39% of truck drivers interviewed remain away from home for more than 20 days a month, and the 1% faced a journey of more than 18 hours a day. Since the 40% sleep in your own truck.

And to cope with the stressful routine and tight deadlines, many of them resort to drugs: 8% of truck drivers admitted they used amphetamines. And 19% said that it has been involved in traffic accidents. “Truck drivers work exposed to harmful agents. And, in my opinion, have the right to a special retirement, ” explains Paim to the heavy load.

He explains that, before going to the vote, the amendment must be confirmed by the rapporteur of the bill, senator Esperidião Amin, the cp of Santa Catarina. “The rapporteur has the power to reject,” he says. Senator urges motorists to put pressure on the parliamentarians to accept the proposal. “If there is no pressure, she will not go to the Congress”, he says.

Paim also explains that even if it is accepted by the rapporteur, the proposal will not be voted on this year. “Not enough time. I hope it’s in the first half of next year. ” But he stressed the need for the category to move. “It may take eight months or eight years,” he says.

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