Home News The SEAT Ibiza is back in promotion and now has a price of little more than 10,000 euros

The SEAT Ibiza is back in promotion and now has a price of little more than 10,000 euros

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The SEAT Ibiza is a fundamental model to understand the B-segment, to understand the market of cars suvs. It is one of the main references that we have to bear in mind if we are looking for a car between options such as the Renault Clio, the Peugeot 208 or Ford Fiesta , and now the SEAT is upgrading again, but, how is the SEAT Ibiza that is on promotion? What engine does it have? And what about your equipment?

The SEAT Ibiza is in promotion for 10.300 €

The SEAT Ibiza is currently starring in the latest campaign promotes the brand is a SEAT Ibiza for 10.300 euros, an amount very competitive in order to meet other cars of the segment, being necessary, as is usual in this type of deals, the financing with the financial proposal for the brand to be able to avail ourselves of this price.

For this price we got a SEAT Ibiza engine petrol 1.0 MPI of 80 CV and the finish Reference Plus, a combination that forms the first rung of the range of the SEAT Ibiza. With this engine, the SEAT Ibiza gives us an average consumption of 5 l/100 km

Without discounts this SEAT Ibiza would have a starting price of 12.560 euros and of course we are talking about a car with a standard modest, highlighting the air conditioning in its endowment of series.

This is the SEAT Ibiza that is more balanced, with a price 15.270 €

As an alternative, more balanced within the range of the SEAT Ibiza we can think of the SEAT Ibiza with the finish, Style Plus and the engine 1.0 TSI 95 HP, a mechanism with which the SEAT Ibiza records a consumption of 4.6 l/100 km and with a finish in which we find ourselves as a standard equipment including elements such as the alloy wheels of 15 inches, cruise control, the multimedia system with 6.5-inch touchscreen display, and connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the rear-view mirrors with power-folding and light sensors and rain.

With this combination of engine and finish the SEAT Ibiza has a starting price of 15.270 euros, obviously superior to those 10.300 euros of the current promotion of the SEAT Ibiza, but with a better price / product for the provision of equipment and the performance of your engine, taking in mind that this price is without any discounts.

If you are thinking of buying a SEAT Ibiza do not miss our guide of purchase of cars, small-economic, with all the options in the segment and their respective offers.


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