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The revolutionary power microwave will also be compatible with your old car diesel or petrol

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The technology of power by microwave is the latest revolution we have known for internal combustion engines, as well as being compatible with both diesel engines as gasoline, new or used. It is for this reason that today we look at how the ignition by microwave could give you a second chance to our old cars, an idea that the promoters of this new technology to defend and which can also assume a revolution among the used cars.

Low cost of implementation and high compatibility, those are the promises of the power by microwave

There is No doubt that the power for the microwave is one of the 4 major technologies that promise to reinvent the internal combustion engine, however it is true that even we talk about a technology at an early stage to its arrival to the streets. The laboratory tests speak of a resounding success with reductions in consumption by 30% and cut emissions by up to 80%, figures certainly do see a brighter future for the internal combustion engine.

The power for the microwave is compatible with your old car

But although the power by microwave has come to light as a formula designed ideally for use in engines of the latest generation, the reality is that the power for the microwave hides a great potential in the adaptation to old engines both for diesel and gasoline. While in the petrol engines would replace the spark plugs and all the ignition system traditional without further need of additional cabling and control modules compatible with the ECU of the propeller, in the case of the diesel installation would be done by replacing the heaters and using an architecture similar to that of the petrol engines with wiring and control modules are compatible with the original ECU.

According to MWI – the company that is promoting this technology – this idea is possible with a high degree of compatibility with diesel engines and gasoline relatively modern. Although there is a whole world of designs in both the engines diesel and gasoline, it seems that the architecture designed by MWI could make it possible your installation aftermarket without too much trouble and with a remarkable improvement in the reduction of consumption and emissions. Even so, here, we must be cautious since we don’t know for the moment if the use of power by microwaves in an engine not designed for your employment could have adverse effects.

And although this technology that promises to revolutionize the internal combustion engine has been focused on diesel and petrol engines to publicize their results, the reality is that the system promises to be compatible with all types of fuels in liquid or gaseous: LPG, CNG, LNG, kerosene, biofuels, synthetic fuels, etc, With this MWI opens the range to the so fashionable alternatives to diesel looking to get the low cost per kilometre of diesel engines with other fuels.

A technology that is very promising but which, unfortunately, is still far from streets

The latest information related to the progress of MWI to carry the power by microwave to the streets leave us with conversations with different car manufacturers, although for the moment it has not been made official any agreement for mass production. At the same time, the second line of business of this technology related to the use in cars already in circulation, is in standby mode waiting for a manufacturer interested in producing this system in mass. In both cases, the brake of the technology is in need of a strong economic investment to make the leap into series production, as well as being a difficult time given the huge bet that is doing all the industry for its complete electrification. Even so, this technology will continue to search for your oportunidas asserting the arguments of reduction in consumption and emissions, and the easy and economic adaptation that is assumed for a design of the propellant that is already in production.

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