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The first electric car of DS is the DS3 Crossback E-Tense, and we already know its price in France

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DS has been a pioneer within the PSA group to give us an electric car, using the new DS3 Crossback, a crossover segment B that is positioned as an alternative to premium cars like the Hyundai Kona, the SEAT Arona or the Peugeot 2008. We still don’t know how much it will cost this DS3 Crossback electric, a crossover that will take on the Hyundai Kona electric to your main rival, but we already know the price of this model in your local market, in France.

In France, the Ds3 Crossback And-Tighten has a starting price of 39.100 euro

The DS3 Crossback And-Tighten has a starting price in France of 39.100 euros of the hand of the finish So Chic, 39.300 € if we go to the Performance version, 42.600 euro in the case of the version Performance +, 44.800 euros finishing with the Grand Chic and 46.400 euros for the version The Première.

Of course we must keep in mind that these prices are, for us, to a first approximation, are the prices for the French market and we should take it as an initial reference that may leave us with some prices coming (or not) that we are finally in our market.

The DS3 Crossback E-Tension has 136 HP and a range of 320 km

As soon as we know the price of the DS3 Crossback E-Tension to our market I will detail and analyse the equipment of each finish, but what it offers us in what specifications are concerned, the DS3 Crossback E-Tense?

The DS3 Crossback E-Tense account with a power of 136 HP and a maximum torque of 260 Nm, with a range of 320 Km. Is positioned as well, by performance, even the Hyundai Kona electric access, with 136 HP and a range of 312 km and below the more powerful version, which has 204 HP and a range of 482 km

The Hyundai Kona electric will be the main rival of this DS3 Crosback E-Tense

As a reference, we must bear in mind also that the Hyundai Kona electric power of 136 HP has a price of 39.500 € and that the version of 482 km of autonomy does from 43.500 euros, in both cases without discounts, so if finally the DS3 Crossback And-Tighten has a price close to that seen in the French market will be on par to the Hyundai Kona.

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