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The Land Rover Defender 2020 boasts of camper thanks to a feast of accessories

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The back of the Land Rover Defender on the market will be high for everything and proof of this is the huge deal that will take this off-road customization, and accessories. According to Land Rover, up to 170 different fittings will be available in Land Rover Defender 2020, something where we can find everything to customize our 4×4. And how could it be otherwise, there will also be accessories for the lovers of breaks, as the Land Rover Defender you also get a kit camperización.

The new Defender is intended to be the 4×4 ideal for going for a short break with the house in tow

Land Rover Defender 2020 189Land Rover Defender 2020 189

When designing the new Defender Land Rover has had as main objective to reach the largest possible audience, hence the addition of the offer of two bodies different with up to 7 seats, also has opted for offering a level of personalization very high in both to your use. This will be possible thanks to the extensive number of accessories available from the start.

Lr Def 110 20my Off Road 100919 15Lr Def 110 20my Off Road 100919 15

For those seeking an off-road vehicle with which to reach that corner inhospitable, the new Defender will offer two packs of accessories called Explorer Pack from 4.014 euros and Adventure Pack from 2.738 euros. These packs include in addition to better protection for the underbody, skirts and stickers, a roof rack where you load up to 300 Kg that supports in the roof of the new Defendr, a chest on the right side and fixed ladders on the left side. But what’s more interesting is the addition that offers the Adventure Pack with air compressor built in the trunk and a system of washing portáctil tank of 6.5 litres. For those who are acquainted with the packs, the accessories can also be purchased separately.

Land Rover Defender 2020 92Land Rover Defender 2020 92

But given that we are talking about a Defender with potential as a vehicle camper, Land Rover also offers the possibility of installing a chest practicable that becomes a bed for the roof. This gadget can also add a ladder down, in addition to different compartments for storage inside and outside of the vehicle. For those looking for possibilities camper beyond remember that the new Defender has been approved to be able to drag up to 3,500 Kg of towing, having a wizard maneuvers and an all-wheel drive system optimized for these situations. In addition, it will not take too much in seeing the growing catalog of accessories to Defend, apart from discovering kits camperización on the part of preparers of external.


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