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The logistics center of Luís Simões in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara). Photos and video

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Writing.- The renowned logistics operator, Luís Simões has a modern centre in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara) where stores close to 100,000 pallets and prepares more than 4,000 orders per day. The heart of this facility is a warehouse with the system Pallet Shuttle automatic shuttle Mecalux that acts as a buffer and serves to organise, sequence and schedule orders ready to be distributed. All of this is managed by the powerful and efficient software Easy WMS Mecalux.

Transport & logistics solutions

Founded in 1948 in Loures (Portugal), Luís Simões is a logistics operator which proposes solutions for transport, storage and picking to all types of companies.

Present in the Spanish market since more than 30 years ago, the company manages a fleet of over 2,100 vehicles and has more than 2,500 employees. Luís Simões provides integrated logistics services in 25 stores, which have spread across ten different regions of the iberian peninsula, occupying nearly 400,000 m2 of storage.

Characteristics of the logistics center

The company has been operating a modern logistics center of 66,000 m2 in Cabanillas del Campo. This is a town very close to Madrid, which has become an important strategic area for the great logistics operators, Luís Simões.

The new center contains two vessels in which the operators managed the stock and prepare the orders of all customers belonging to many sectors (mainly food, beverages, perfumery, cosmetics and retail), in addition to two fiscal deposits for beverage clients. To cope with the rise of e-commerce, the company also offers solutions adapted to the channel B2C and has a service of Co-Packing.

After that Mecalux equipase a store of Luís Simões in Oporto (Portugal) with more than 35,000 pallets in racking and conventional racking compact system with Pallet Shuttle, the renowned logistics operator contacted with Mecalux once more for the launch of their new store in Guadalajara.

This time we needed a storage solution that would facilitate the management of a wide range of products of companies with different needs. For this reason, Mecalux installed shelving for pallets of 12.5 m of height with a overall capacity to 93.241 pallets of dimensions, characteristics and levels of demand different. However, the company’s priority was to streamline and optimize the preparation and expedition of 4,000 orders per day. To be a number so high, we needed a system that would help organize the completed order. Mecalux found the solution: an automated warehouse equipped with the system Pallet Shuttle shuttles managed by Easy WMS. This store is responsible for sequencing and scheduling the issuance of the orders prepared in function of the routes of the vehicles, combining efficiency and profitability.

Automatic warehouse: sequencing of orders

It is the core of this facility of logistics because there it merges and consolidates the work of preparation of orders that has taken place in the shelves for pallets. Thanks to this store, the company provides a space in which to group and organize your orders.

The automatic warehouse is made up of two blocks of shelves of 12.6 m in height, with four levels that support six pallets in depth and a storage capacity to 2.556 pallets of 1,200 kg

In each level, two shuttles serve the channels of storage and, for this purpose, a Pallet Shuttle moves through the interior of the channels, in order to introduce or remove the goods. By having two shuttles per level, the performance of the installation is higher and can operate without interruption. For example, while carrying out the preventive maintenance in one of the shuttles, the other continues to operate.

The sequencing is one of the keys of the logistics center, thus it is essential to group the orders on the basis of the transport path and that are sent in the specific order in which to perform its delivery to the customers. At this point takes on special importance is the warehouse management system (LMS) Easy WMS Mecalux. Its mission is to identify, locate, and order the issuance of each pallet that arrives at the automatic warehouse respecting the sequencing previously established.

The store sequencer has five entries. Three of them with an elevator which transports the pallets to one of the upper floors of the shelves, while the other two serve to deposit the pallets on the lower level (in particular, products of more rotation for your expedition to be more agile). At the entrances of the store sequencer, Easy WMS identifies each article and assigns the most convenient location depending on when you made your expedition.

In the end, a good distribution of the goods in the warehouse optimizes the movement of the equipment support automatic and, in short, of the order.

António Martin – Manager of the logistics center of Luís Simões in Cabanillas del Campo: “Thanks to the automatic warehouse we have increased the flow of inputs and outputs of goods, we have optimized the loading process of trucks and reduced errors”.

Advantages of installing a store sequencer automatic

To deliver orders on time to customers and in the established order is one of the priorities of any company. For this to be possible, it is indispensable to a strict organization of the operational and warehouse systems of storage are appropriate.

Install a store sequencer as it has done Luís Simões is an excellent solution because it can sequence orders according to various criteria such as, for example, the path of transport trucks, or the point of delivery to more distant or nearby, as well as take into account the most convenient route.

In addition, an automatic warehouse provides:

Traceability of the goods.
Maximum utilization of the space.
Optimization of the storage capacity and of the movements of products.
Possibility to modify the deliveries in function of new criteria established.
Permanent inventory.
Productivity high.
Safety of the goods and a lesser risk of accidents.
Operating uninterrupted.
Expedition of goods sequenced
The store sequencer has five outputs that connect directly with a circuit of electrovías to ground. Like the inputs, three outputs have an elevator that connects the four floors, while the other two serve for the products stored in the lower level of the shelves.

Just opposite, the circuit electrovías moves the pallets directly to the channels of preload following the sequencing that has previously established Easy WMS. The dynamism and ease of assembly have been instrumental to implement this transport system pallet whose main benefit lies in the uninterrupted movement and secure orders.

The correct organization of the shipping area has been fundamental for Luís Simões to distribute the orders in the appropriate order. We have installed ten sets of three-channel dynamic preload of 14,2 m length. The merchandise of each one of these sets will be loaded on the same delivery truck.

At the top of the channel, has installed a monitor where Easy WMS displayed to the operators very detailed information on the pallet ready to be issued: what pallet must be removed first, number of pallets total available in the channel, etc., With all these data is markedly diminished any possibility of a mistake. Operators to scan each pallet using a gun radio frequency energy and, thereby, prove that the merchandise is loaded on the truck is the one that corresponds to and in the correct order.

In the area of expeditions, there is a circuit of transporters to make the cross-docking of any goods which does not require to be stored on the shelves, but it should pass by the store machine to follow the sequence of the orders set out by Easy WMS.

The heart of the logistics center

A center of high-level logistics as the of Luís Simões in Cabanillas del Campo not only stands out for its high storage capacity (close to 100,000 pallets), but also for their efficient organization of the orders.

The buffer sequencer is the engine of this logistics hub, to classify and to organize in a coordinated manner and ordered 4,000 orders prepared daily and, subsequently, distribute them in the order and at the right time. All this, of course, would not be possible without the directions of Easy WMS, the warehouse management system of Mecalux that directs and sequence the orders taking into account the requirements of the company.

Rui Simões – Manager for the areas of Logistics and Innovation of Luís Simões
“With the storage solutions from Mecalux, we have significantly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. In addition, to store such a high number of pallets like the one we have, we would need a space of 9,000 m2 and with the automated warehouse deal with only 6,500 m2”.

Benefits for Luís Simões

Almost 100,000 pallets: the versatility of the shelves of conventional allows you to store pallets with a weight and volume variables. Stored goods can reach 3 m of height.
Sequencing of the expeditions: the automatic warehouse is in charge of sequencing the issuance of the orders prepared in function of the routes of the transport vehicles.
High performance: with a fully automatic solution, the store sequencer works without interruption by organizing the orders based on the delivery route.

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Photos and video: Mecalux Esmena


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