Home News The defendant being the owner of the “crazy truck of the RN-7 in Allier” says that it is not yours

The defendant being the owner of the “crazy truck of the RN-7 in Allier” says that it is not yours

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@Camioneroleones.- These days has been in the news in the social networks, especially Facebook, a video in which a truck carried out an overtaking dangerous in the RN-7 in the vicinity of the French town of Allier. Now the owner of the transport company pointed to says the truck is not theirs.

The video (which we reproduce at the end of the news), has already more than 4 million visits, continues to circulate through the social networks. Are only 40 seconds, but you can see as a trailer yellow does not cease until it gets to overtake, in a very dangerous maneuver.

Complaint for libel and slander

Some users of Facebook believed to recognize the truck and did not hesitate to denounce it. The video came to the owner of the company Vernay Négoce Régis Vernay, with registered address at Breuil, near Allier, which I do not hesitate to file a complaint for defamation and slander. He says: “The customers we have contacted to warn us that if it were us, they would cease to use our services, -he says. I would like that people realize the impact that they can have their messages. It was not my truck”

He admits that his company has three trucks yellow, but denies any participation of any of them in those images. In addition it provides evidence that the truck is not yours, such as the staircase in the cabin, the differences in the lights and the shape of the cabin.

“The main objective of this complaint is to be clear that we can not do everything with impunity on the social networks. The laws also apply in these platforms, ” says the lawyer Régis Vernay, I Portejoie.

The video came up to the brigadier of the gendarmes based in Rennes. This information was sent to the Squadron Regional Road Safety Allier. Captain Morel said: “We are in the process of identifying the exact location, the date and especially the vehicle. We will see with the prosecution the relevance of carrying out a research based on the collected information. But, for now, nothing is done. “Although it does not rule out a further investigation.

Photo video: Facebook Lilian Gorsse


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