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Detained a group that transported drugs using the trucks of a company from murcia. Video

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Writing.- The National Police has arrested 7 people belonging to a group specializing in rollovers, and traffic of marijuana and hashish that used trucks on behalf of an enterprise of the Region of Murcia for its distribution to the different countries of Europe.

The agents have spoken to 2,200 kilos of hashish and weapons of war, municionadas and with multiple chargers and spare. Seven people have been arrested and there have been four records, all in the province of murcia. The group was specialized in rollovers, which consists of impersonating police officers to steal the drug to other organizations, the activity is very profitable, because very rarely report the crime.

The group was composed of Spanish citizens, moroccans, italians, and british

The investigations started last January with the collaboration of the NCA the british, the liaison officer and the magistrate link of the Italian Police in Spain, focusing on a group settled in Alicante and Murcia and composed by Spanish citizens, moroccans, italians, and british. This organization is dedicated to the export of marijuana and hashish to countries of Europe, mainly to Italy, used trucks on behalf of a company seated in the Region of Murcia to distribute the narcotic substance.

The criminal group was stockpiling the drug, either in warehouses located in industrial estates with the aim of masking its activities with the ordinary course of the business of transport; or in villas with garages located in residential areas to have greater surveillance and security.

Manipulate the fuel reservoir for storing the drug

Once they had agreed the sale, and manipulated the fuel tank of the truck to save the drugs in compartments hidden, and to distribute it by different routes, especially towards Italy and, on occasions, to the United Kingdom. These caches were made in a manner so efficient that, even when in the past, fuel controls in the roads, had not been warned of the deposit, where was the drug.

The agents, after having knowledge of the modus operandi of the detainees and after the conclusion of the appropriate checks, detected that they had concealed a large quantity of hashish in a residence and an industrial warehouse located in an industrial area of Molina de Segura (Murcia) until its subsequent distribution.

When the organization set out to get the goods, they began the device police to the seizure of the narcotic drug and the arrest of the members of the group involved. Police have arrested seven people in the four records made in Molina de Segura (Murcia) have seized two pistols, two rifles, a pistol detonadora modified, numerous magazines and boxes of ammo, four passenger cars, three tractors, two geolocation devices, two packaging machines, two sealers, a machine and two inhibitors of frequency. Up to this time have maintained the proceedings in secret in order not to jeopardize the closure of the investigation.

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(Photo: video National Police)


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