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Arrested for stealing merchandise from a truck in the Polygon Juncaril in Dangers

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Agencies.- The Guardia Civil has arrested a man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of robbery with force in the things in the interior of a truck in the polygon Juncaril Dangers, in the province of Granada.

As reported by the Armed Institute, this 50-year old man and neighbor of Pines Bridge, with numerous police records, has been also arrested for the alleged crime of simulation of the crime by denouncing the fake theft of a car. The theft occurred during the early morning of the last day, 5 May. The truck was parked inside the compound of a company in the polygon Juncaril Hazards and the driver slept inside.

The now arrested broke supposedly “the chain-link fence that surrounds the company and came up to the truck, broke the lock of the gate rear up and began to unload boxes that was moving up to the fence and there other was the loading in the vehicle that had come up there.” The driver woke up to the feel of how the truck moved, and to check what was happening outside “decided not to confront the thieves and alert the Guardia Civil”.

The Civil Guard deployed immediately to the more patrols nearby, and the Area of Research of Atarfe was the first to arrive to the place and found with the car where they traveled the suspected thieves fleeing. It started a chase and it ended up on a road between the towns of Albolote and Atarfe. The occupants abandoned the car with the engine and the lights on, the doors open and fled the field through.

The following morning the now-stopped came to the post of the Civil Guard in Pine Bridge to report that he had stolen the car and try and evade responsibilities in the theft. The Civil Guard of Atarfe was the vehicle and recovered the goods which had just been stealing from the inside of the truck: clothing and sports shoes; and initiated an investigation which has allowed to identify the three suspects and stop the first one and a ringleader of the group, who is also the person who was driving the car in which they fled, and who filed the complaint for the fake theft of the vehicle. Now, the Armed Institute hopes to locate the other two suspects in the next few days and put them to justice.

(Photo: Guardia Civil)


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