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Arrested the alleged perpetrator of the fire of a truck, a trailer and a tourism

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EUROPA PRESS.- Agents of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil in La Rioja, have proceeded to the arrest of the alleged author of a fire which occurred at the end of the month of April in the town of Arnedo, whose flames ended up destroying by burning a passenger car, a truck and a trailer.

The detainee who has been admitted to prison is a male of 37 years old, of Spanish nationality, and inhabitant of the locality in which the incident occurred. This person had previously served a sentence for acts of similar features, has an extensive criminal history with 34 arrests and 49 fait accompli of a different type. The action criminal and intentional of this individual came to generate a real danger, due to the swelling of the fuel tanks of the vehicles concerned, which have come to blow up would have generated unpredictable consequences for the occupants of the dwelling adjacent to the source of fire.

On the 05.00 am of the 28th April, patrols in service of Citizen Security of the Civil Guard in Arnedo (La Rioja), come to a fire in a parking lot of vehicles located at C/ San Blas of this town. Once they are stifled the flames by the fire of the CEIS Rioja, the agents confirmed that the fire has caused the destruction by burning of a passenger car, a truck and a trailer, not resulting in casualties.

The first inspection technician-eye carried out by a Team of Fire Investigation from the Guardia Civil in La Rioja, determines that the fire had been caused with “clear evidence of crime” and found the source of the fire in the interior of one of the vehicles affected. With the first report, agents of the Computer Crimes Against the Patrimony are in charge of the proceedings, and directs the investigation to a single suspect, a resident of the town of Arnedo, with extensive criminal history to his credit and that he had already served a sentence for acts of similar characteristics.

After obtained all the evidence that incriminaban the investigated in the authorship of the fire, the agents proceeded to arrest and put at the disposal of the judicial authority, who decreed his imprisonment.

(Photo: Guardia Civil)


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