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Ugly duckling to swan: the new Toyota Mirai will be a hydrogen car with a 30% greater autonomy and a lot more graceful

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The next 24th of October kicks off the Hall of Tokyo (curiously, the same day that they unveil the new Volkswagen Golf) and going to the opening of the doors from Japan comes an interesting new feature: the Toyota Mirai Concept that anticipates the arrival of the second generation.

This electric car fuel cell which will show the japanese giant will be the prequel to the final design of the second Mirai, a few lines that charge a good load of maturity using a design more sharp, body more slender and a back more conventional with flashes of other models of the house.

The new Toyota Mirai will be more elegant and efficient

Toyota Mirai Concept 2020 003Toyota Mirai Concept 2020 003

The Toyota Mirai Concept seems to be a prototype, but quite close to the final design phase because it does not include items too exaggerated that we can be sure that he will be removed from the face of the production phase. The tires probably yes to change.

Otherwise, the front takes on a huge grill similar to the Toyota Camry although somewhat more sober while the rear reminds us slightly of the Above with the small spoiler integrated into the trunk lid and the lights extended down the sides with a nerve. Pilots, joined with a horizontal strip, and give an air to the Kia Stinger.

Toyota Mirai Concept 2020 002Toyota Mirai Concept 2020 002

But beyond the similarities, all indications are that the Toyota Mirai will evolve toward a proposal more saloon stylized. There is No doubt that the images provided by the brand are showing us a car rather more graceful physically than the current generation, suppressing elements questionable as the area of C-pillar D or the drivers rear split.

On the inside the Toyota Mirai Concept shows us the same change. retain design elements such as the forms in L, but it will become a car most normal grouping of the instrumentation facing the driver with a double digital display in place of the central model released in 2014. The central screen has is 12.3 inches.

Toyota Mirai Concept 2020 006Toyota Mirai Concept 2020 006

At the mechanistic level Toyota wants to prove that the mechanics of hydrogen form part of the future. For this second generation will offer a powertrain enhanced, and an increase in the ability of storage to achieve a 30% more autonomy. All mounted on the modular platform TNGA own that also allows you to carry five occupants instead of four as hitherto.

Toyota has not made public the details yet of the mechanics, but it has confirmed the measures of what is currently a showcar. You will have 4,97 meters long by 1.89 in width and 1,47 height with 2,92 meters of distance between axles. This is almost 10 cm longer, 8 cm wider and 8 cm lower than the current model, hence its remarkable aesthetic change.

On A technical level, the Toyota Mirai will reduce the use of platinum in two-thirds for its fuel cells, around 10 grams per vehicle in their next version, in comparison with 30 grams of the current model. And is that it is a metal that occurs in small amounts as they are not easily found in the earth’s crust: it is found in mines of igneous rocks in granules very small.

During the five years that have been in the market the Mirai has managed to sell about 10,000 cars despite its high price (above € 80,000 in Spain) and an infrastructure that is in diapers.

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