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Of the romanians, cubans… “Always black”. Opinion

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This collection of chanchulleros, thieves of white glove with denomination of origin, Spain, that already we are accustomed to look for any excuse to continue with their sleight-of – pay low wages and skip to the bullfighter the rights of the worker, are now avid importers of cuban workers, having exhausted the source of Romanian.

The Romanian, who came in the surge in the last decade, now you have the knowledge, expertise and experience in our country to demand what belongs to you and built into our quotation system, acquired as habits of consumption national, with their families here, you know for those who don’t want to work and what they have to charge. Now it is up to other citizens who, fleeing from poverty, from falling into their hands.

In Spain doesnt need professional drivers, what they lack are the entrepreneurs willing to respect the rights, salaries and working conditions. Such cards and cap grantees, that in the end we all pay, these subsidies to entrepreneurs of medium hair, these aids to the creation of underemployment, should be the focus of these ministries, officials and other friends put the saucepan that do not perform their work.

The laws are to comply with them, not to suit the convenience of the mangante turn, covered by this bunch of corrupt that populate our homeland. The cabotage illegal, unfair competition, business mailbox, the wages rubbish, they rob us of our rights, our pensions, our welfare covered in the do not pay. So we will, we applaud illegality, without realizing that it is our future that try to stealr. So black companion…

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