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What is the best way to park a car? Science responds

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As it grows the size of the vehicles, increase the restrictions, and each time we have less time, car parking is becoming a nightmare everyday. But, as the math can come up with solutions transcendentals, you can also do this with a topic like this: is it better to go to look for a place in the door or park further away and walk? What is more efficient?

Two physicists have been compared in a recent study, three typical strategies to find a parking spot and determine which saves more time, at least in a scenario of parking highly simplified. These have been the results.

Docile, optimistic, and wise: what are you?


Physicists Paul Krapivsky (Boston University), and Sidney Redner (Santa Fe Institute) have published their findings in the ‘Journal of Statistical Mechanics’ about what is the best way to park. In their paper, Krapivsky and Redner plotted three simple strategies of parking in a parking space imaginary of a single row.

Drivers take the first available site continue to be what the authors call a “strategy ” docile”. “Don’t lose your time looking for a place to park”, leaving empty spaces near the entrance of the destination.

Those who bet on finding a space just to the side of the entrance are “optimistic”. Leading all the way up to the entrance, then flash back to the empty site near you. The third scenario places us with those who call drivers “wise”, those who put into practice a intermediate technique.

These lead beyond the first available space, betting on the availability of at least one space closer to that of the first group, while leaving some gaps near the entrance. When you find the closest spot between two cars, parked there.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the three strategies, the authors had to use multiple techniques to calculate their scenarios. Oddly enough, the strategy of the driver meek or docile reflected a dynamic view on the microtubules that provide the armor inside the living cells, while modeling the strategy is optimistic, the authors wrote a differential equation.

Then, what is the best strategy? As expected, the careful drivers: it is the one which costs least amount of time, followed by the strategy of the optimists, who go direct to park at the door.

On the contrary, the strategy of the docile was by far the most inefficient, as the amount of spaces that are left empty to create longer walks to the entrance.

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