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Postal Express started its expansion abroad with their entry into Portugal

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Writing.– The Spanish Postal Express, which is a share of the american multinational Fedex, has purchased 51% of the Portuguese Rangel Expresso. The company’s Spanish e Spanish had already expressed their interest in operating in the Portuguese market.

The operation has been carried out through the subsidiary of urgent packages Postal Express, as has been reported this firm to the Competition Authority of that country, as advanced by the newspaper ‘The Country’. In addition to the ‘approval’ of the competition authorities, the operation also requires authorisation by the Government, every time that Post is a company 100% public, dependent of the ‘holding’ state SEPI.

Post reported the operation to the Competition Authority of Portugal this Thursday, march 21st, while the Council of Ministers this Friday, had not given clearance yet to the same.

Seizing control of the operator luso Rangel is part of the internationalization strategy launched by the Post office, with the society also aims to position itself in the Asia-Pacific area, one of the main stations of shipments and parcel hubs in the world.

At the moment, with the purchase of the company lusa, the society post Spanish complies with the objective of forming a operator iberian, within your strategy to stay as the main signature of delivery of shipments generated by the e-commerce.

Rangel, the partner Portuguese Post office, is a company founded in 1980, which performs shipments to 220 countries both by road and by sea and by air transport. In addition to in Portugal with offices in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Brazil, as indicated in your Internet page. The company, privately owned, had a turnover of 158 million euros in 2017, the last financial year, with accounts closed, is expected to 2018 completed with an income of 165 million euros.

It already has a service for imports from Asia

The firm launched this year a service of imports from Asia, an initiative that dovetails with the aforementioned pretension Post position in that market. On their side, Postal Express is the courier company urgent of the Correos Group specialized in deliveries of parcels with delivery times lower than 24 hours.

The subsidiary, which has a network of half a hundred of delegations and various types of shipments, now deals with a strategic plan to 2021 to upgrade their facilities and incorporate technologies applied to the improvement of the treatment of consignments and efficiency in delivery.

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