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Sentenced to 28 months in jail for the trucker who hit 2 bicyclists in Valladolid

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Agencies- The truck driver Portuguese who ran over two cyclists in the Round of Valladolid in February 2.016 has been sentenced to two years and 4 months in prison by the Penal Court Number 3 of Valladolid. In the loss, one of the cyclists died on the spot and another was seriously injured.

After the trial, which was seen for sentence Wednesday, after two sessions, the court has considered proven that the truck driver committed a crime of homicide, reckless and other serious injuries, have been informed by legal sources. In the resolution, applies to a sentence of twenty months in prison for the manslaughter reckless and eight months for the serious injuries caused by another cyclist, in addition to impose on the shipper the deprivation of driving license for a period of three years.

In addition, in respect of civil liability, the corresponding compensation, with liability direct of Allianz and a subsidiary of Transport Couto SA and Transport Nordestinos LDA. In particular, more than 232.000 euros to the family of the cyclist who died, of them 50.400 for his father, 15.400 to each of his three brothers and most of 126,000 for his then-romantic partner, to recognize the judge the couple’s relationship that he had.

The cyclist that was injured and spent several days in the intensive care unit, will be compensated with more than 100,000 euros for the psychological sequelae and physical that caused the accident and that forced him to stop practicing the cycling of high performance and to carry out the work then performed.

According to the conclusions, which rose on Wednesday to definitive the parties, the Prosecutor requested a sentence of three years of deprivation of freedom for the carrier, while the accusations particular lifted your request up to five years, and the defense of the truck driver requested the free absolution of your sponsored.

The judge has considered it proven that on the evening of February 25, 2.016, when the event occurred, the truck driver Portuguese surpassed the roadside result of a serious negligence and rolled violently to the two cyclists who were going along without the carrier flipped the brakes or attempt to change lanes.

Before the trial stay seen for decision, the carrier made use of their right to the last words to apologize to the two families affected, and to defending the version maintained throughout the process. “I am not a killer!”, he warned the accused with contained emotion. But the most emotional moment occurred after the conclusion of the trial, when the cyclist who was badly wounded, approached the defendant and both melted into a hug and started to cry.

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