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With the AutoGas of Cepsa increase the fuel economy of your fleet

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Each day, the road transport search for alternative fuels to the traditional diesel fuel, not only by impositions and regulations of the European Union regarding the reduction of emissions of polluting gases to the atmosphere as CO2, but also by the pursuit of other forms of savings for companies, since the fuel is a very important part in the transport costs.

The alternative fuel that most are using these firms is the gas, either Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Therefore, Cepsa places at the disposal of its clients this fuel more environmentally friendly that you can assume for a fleet savings of up to 50%, since the liquefied petroleum gas has a much lower price than diesel or petrol. In addition, it allows an autonomy up to 600 km, in addition to that offered by the petrol tank.

AutoGas is a fuel that respects the environment thanks to lower emissions of polluting gases, providing greater advantages of circulation, as the label ECO (Green and blue) of the DGT.

To benefit from all the advantages of this fuel, you can buy a vehicle on autoGas that has this technology of series or convert a vehicle from gasoline by using a simple transformation at the workshop.

In line with the bet of Cepsa for the development of alternative fuels in the field of professional transport, the company has launched a new promotion that includes an additional discount for refuelling of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Repostando autoGas at Service Stations of Cepsa until the next 31 December, the owners of a card “StarRessa”, “StarRessa Fleet” or “StarRessa Direct”, can get an additional discount of 2 cents per litre. You can request more information here; https://www.cepsa.es/es/promociones/autogas-starressa

Cepsa also offers you your own pole supply for your fleet. If you contract for the installation of autoGas with Cepsa, we guarantee a fast delivery for your fleet of vehicles with the installation of a pump (Skid) at the headquarters of your company, or with bottled gas.

Cepsa will offer you an offer fully tailored to the needs of your business, with the confidence of a large energy company as Cepsa. You can request more information here: https://www.cepsa.com/promo/autogas/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0brtBRDOARIsANMDykbTG7EZv6-Mv9Kt3TzarZcj6OBtOLwSlE7YenhNhobNGMY22vf9QJoaAvbyEALw_wcBPero

With autoGas Cepsa these saying yes to a fuel that is much more responsible with the environment, in addition to the financial benefits, not only for your pocket but also for your company.

Photo: Journal of Transport


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