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Buy a car zero kilometer in September: what is the time of the chollos?

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August, as was the case in 2018, leaving us again this year with an exceptional situation. As I told, the situation would not be comparable to that in 2018, generated a lot of movement in the dealers, but unusual by the arrival of a new regulation of emissions (RDE) and a stock estimated 15,000 cars (according to FACONAUTO) looking for owner. Did not expect so large chollos, but yes interesting offers on cars in stock. We have already entered in September, with the RDE in force, and if you’re looking for a new car is interesting to know that it is a good time to buy a car zero kilometer. But why is a car zero kilometer?

Buy a car zero kilometer it is always a good option

The first and most important is to understand that a kilometer zero is not a second-hand car, or sedan. It is a car that has been registered, either to meet objectives, or for any other reason, as may be the entry into force of the RDE on the 1st of September. Yes it may have been used as a car exhibition. And its biggest disadvantage is that the possibilities of configuration and personalization is reduced. We will have to accept the combination of engine, equipment, and paint finishes and interiors, you have chosen the grant. However, brands and dealers are already concerned that the configurations of cars automatriculados correspond with the demand of the market.

Cars zero kilometer are not second hand, but new cars have been registered by the own strategy of the dealer or by having remained as cars exhibition

Nissan Qashqai 1012Nissan Qashqai 1012

Kilometre zero, is a synonym of bargain?

The biggest advantage, without doubt, is that the discount for a car zero kilometer, by the fact of having been enrolled, it is important. Perhaps the closest thing to a bargain that we can find in new cars. And we will not have to face long waiting times, or a factory order, because the car will almost be ready to process the transfer and we will bring him after confirm the payment or financing.

The discount from kilometer zero, by the mere fact of having been enrolled, you can get to be several thousands of euros. An example might be a SEAT Leon diesel finished in Style, with a price well above the 21,000 euros to stay for less than € 19,000 if we find a unit of car zero kilometer. Obviously we talk about prices are approximate, but correspond with what we have seen these days in the market.

Cars zero kilometer are the closest thing to a bargain that we will find in the market, and in September and in the coming months have been given circumstances that favour even more that there is a higher offer of cars zero kilometer

Renault Clio 2020 Prueba 0619 027Renault Clio 2020 Prueba 0619 027

September good month for kilometre zero

Despite the fact that any time is a good time to buy one kilometre zero or, as a minimum, to assess this option, it is important to remember that in September of 2019 has been given of a circumstance which is conducive to the offer at kilometre zero is even more nourished, the entry into force of the RDE. In August it was estimated that about 15,000 cars were to register before the 1 of September, some sold to end customers, and others incorporated in the car market of kilometer zero. According to FACONAUTO, the new car zero kilometer that have been built in the last few weeks will serve to energize and activate the market.

It is difficult to specify which brands have automatriculado more cars, and what specific models. Not all take advantage of – or even in some cases abuse – the automatriculaciones, and not all have had the need to liquidate stocks by getting to the end of August with cars of stock that had not gone through the process of approval RDE.

In any case, we insist, anybody who is going to buy a new car should always assess, as a minimum, both the choice of cars zero kilometer, as the car stock.

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