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How can I fill the AdBlue in my car a diesel? How much will it cost me?

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If you’ve bought a car modern diesel, it is possible that your system’s anti-pollution use AdBlue to reduce emissions. Except for exceptions, such as the Honda Civic, most cars in diesel regulations, anti-pollution Euro 6 – entry into force in September 2015 – use this additive to maintain at low levels, their emissions of nitrogen oxide. Thanks to this enjoy the tag C of the DGT, the same as the gasoline modern. However, you may not know that this AdBlue must be refilled periodically, and you are the one responsible for it. How do I fill the AdBlue in my car a diesel? How much will it cost me?

Steps to fill AdBlue
1. Locate the AdBlue tank of the car
2. Insert the hose and fill it with care
3. Watch that it does not fall on the paint or plastic of the car
4. Reset the indicator of the autonomy of AdBlue

What is AdBlue®? Why do I have to fill it?

The AdBlue is an additive composed of an aqueous solution of urea, which is injected over the flow of exhaust gas of the car with a diesel engine, reducing its pollution potential. Modern cars usually have deposits of AdBlue between 10 and 20 liters, that you yourself can fill. All the cars that use AdBlue in their system of treatment of exhaust gases must indicate the remaining range until it is necessary to fill the additive – although some cars could simply turn on a witness of the low level of AdBlue. The duration of the AdBlue tank depends on several factors.

Some big cars and SUV’s have deposits of AdBlue, up to 20 liters. The autonomy of AdBlue ® depends on many factors, but in some cars it can be up to 15,000 km

Our driving style is the determining factor, as well as the duration of the tour. Urban tours of short duration cause a higher consumption of additive, resulting in general not recommended, for the mechanics of the car. The ideal conditions for a low consumption of AdBlue are tours extraurbanos at a constant speed. If you do not fill the AdBlue tank, the system’s anti-pollution car will stop working properly and the car will enter a “safe mode” or a “failure mode”. In many cases could not start the engine.

In the best case, the car would reduce dramatically their performance, possibly preventing us from overcoming low speeds. Fortunately, we depleted the AdBlue tank does not have adverse consequences for the mechanics of the car, unlike when you deplete the gasoline or the diesel fuel tank (see article: the dangers of always drive on reserve). If you want more detailed information about the operation of the AdBlue ® , see this article, where we explain everything you need to know about the additive in the form of questions and answers.

Eye, the AdBlue has an expiration date: if you have not used in a year, should be replaced, as it will have degraded, losing effectiveness.

How do I fill the AdBlue tank of my car? Where can I find it?

The first step is to locate the filling nozzle. There is not a location standard for the same, at least for the moment. Some cars have it next to the nozzle of the fuel tank: normally the plug color blue, and smaller than the cap of the fuel tank. Although this tends to be the general trend lately, some cars have the nozzle AdBlue located at the sides of the trunk, the other next to the spare wheel and some even in the engine bay. If you have doubts about the location of the AdBlue tank, we suggest that you consult the user manual of your car.

The next step is to fill the tank. The AdBlue is sold in many service stations, in addition to in department stores and specialty shops in car maintenance. In large stations there are suppliers of AdBlue, but are commonly specified for industrial vehicles, which refuel larger quantities than cars. Although you can use them, its filling pressure may be excessive, complicating the operation. My recommendation is to acquire a bottle of AdBlue, and carefully fill the tank. These bottles usually have an accessory funnel to facilitate the operation.

Remember to wear goggles and gloves for this operation. The AdBlue takes ammonia and their splashes are harmful, both to the skin such as the eyes.

Some cars indicate it in your on-board computer the amount that we need to refuel, but others do not. In case of doubt, please consult the user manual of the car. When it comes to storing AdBlue, remember that it freezes at temperatures below 11 degrees below zero, it degrades at temperatures of over 25 degrees, and has a shelf life of one year. Therefore, we recommend to buy it only when you need to fill the level. Once you have finished fill level of AdBlue, you must reset the service indicator. Again, every car has a different procedure in this regard.

In many cases, it consists in letting the actuated contact, without starting the engine, for times of up to a minute. In some cars it is necessary to go to the workshop, even though the car will work without problem with the new AdBlue. In the workshop, in the official service of your car, also you can fill your AdBlue, but will be charged for the service in addition to the cost of the product. Fill in for yourself the AdBlue does not void the warranty of the car, go ahead. One last tip: if you spill AdBlue while you’re filling out, clean it quickly: it has corrosive effects on paint and plastics.

Make sure not to put diesel into the AdBlue tank, and vice versa. The worst scenario would be to take AdBlue in the diesel tank, with serious consequences for the system of fuel supply.

How much does it cost to refuel AdBlue?

The cost of the AdBlue has been reduced considerably during the last few years, thanks to the increase of cars in circulation that are in need of this additive. General rule is that the liter costs less than a euro. In these times (January 2019) the average price at petrol stations is about 0.60 euros. Now, the price may vary considerably without purchasing the additive packaging. Search well, and you will pay for the litre to less than a euro. As we said before, make sure you don’t buy more than you’re using and remember that the formula for the AdBlue is always the same. AdBlue is a trade name, and the white marks have a more than correct.


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