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How to ensure a healthy air in the car?

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Regardless of the type of vehicle that we have, requires a proper maintenance of certain systems and operating elements. In this article we’ll talk about a piece that is indispensable to change from time to time, as is the cabin air filter, whose correct functioning will be especially useful in the spring and summer.

A cabin air filter is not an air filter

A cabin air filter is one of those elements of the equipment of the car that affects the health of both the driver and passengers traveling in the car. Often referred to erroneously air filter. Explain that the air filter is responsible for purifying the air involved in the combustion process, while the cabin air filter is also responsible for the cleanliness of the air, but the one that is supplied to the passenger cabin.

Optimum protection

The cabin air filter is especially important for people with allergies or lung problems. The multi-layer construction of the cabin air filter (pre-filter, tissue microtejido, reinforcing layer) composed of fibers of different structure allows the capture effective dust, dust, soot, fungi, dust mites and other microorganisms, as well as of the impurities that appear as a result of the operation of the vehicle.

It is assumed that in the conditions of the road the cabin air filter can work effectively for about 15,000 km and that after this mileage it should be replaced by a new one. It is better to do it in spring, because in autumn and winter, the filter is the most exploited due to the high humidity and pollution that occurs during the driving.

Replacing the cabin air filter in the high-end car

In cars of this class, the access to the cabin air filter is not especially difficult, and its replacement does not last more than 20 minutes without need of special tools.

The cabin air filter should be replaced, especially in what refers to the air conditioning of the car. The components of the air conditioning, such as the evaporator, are a perfect environment for the development of germs that endanger the health. The saturation of air conditioning must be carried out in conjunction with the replacement of the cabin air filter. This will ensure that the air that enters the passenger cabin is safe for the people staying in it.

What air filter should I choose?

The best cabin air filters available today are the active carbon. Why? These products are equipped with an additional layer of particles of carbon saturated, they are also responsible to neutralize odors and trap harmful gases present in the exhaust gases.

If you are not sure what is your filter for the cabin, or replacement needs you can visit www.autorecambiosstore.es where you will have, with an extensive catalog of different types of filters for different models of vehicles.

The cabin air filters with activated carbon are the perfect solution for allergy sufferers, people with problems of the upper respiratory tract and children. The active carbon used in the filter is neutral and completely safe for people, the environment and the animals. The cost of a filter of active carbon is, of course, higher than that of a cabin air filter standard, but the benefits are invaluable to our health.


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