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Catalonia is planning to introduce at the end of the year a new tax for cars according to their emissions

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The 6th of August, the Tax Agency of Catalonia published, to submit to public information, the Draft law on amendment of the Law 16/2017 of climate change, relative to a new tax on emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂) of vehicles of mechanical traction, both passenger cars and commercial.

Finally, this new levy will begin to apply with a new tribute that will have to pay 3.6 million cars in Catalonia and you will begin to be charged from 31 December 2019, once the adoption of this draft law in the DOGC (Diari Official of the Generalitat de Catalunya).

A new tax on older cars

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One of the articles that Catalonia has modified the Law 16/2017 of climate change is the 44, relating to the tax quota, which is obtained by applying the rate that corresponds to the emissions officers of CO₂ per kilometre of the vehicle, in accordance with the following tables:

Ley Cambio ClimaticoLey Cambio Climatico Law 16/2017, of 1 August, of climate change. Source: BOE.

With the modification, that is still a draft, the vehicles that give less than 120 g/km of CO₂ will be exempt from this payment in 2019, but starting January 1, 2020, will pay tribute if you exceed the limit of 95 g/km of CO₂. The table would look like:

Tabla GenTabla Gen

In this way, the vehicle owners would pay from 66,55 € if they emit more than 121 g/km of CO₂. What is certain is that the law of the BOE is 2017 and that the Generalitat de Catalunya, was amended that same year the law starting to put liens on cars that had no information in the technical data sheet.

The owners of cars and vans, pay the tax on an annual basis for the first time in 2020, but refers to the year 2019, while the bikes are coming out in 2020 and will be paid in 2021. For the moment, the Government has left out the trucks and the fleets of public services (in addition to electric cars, of course).

In particular, it will be subject to this new levy all passenger cars with a maximum of eight seats, the vans for the transport of goods with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes and motorcycles.

To do the calculations, we have taken into account parameters such as the power of the car, the engine displacement, the fuel type, the age or the mass, and the Tax Agency already has the data of all the park mobile Catalan.

With him and next to the Registration and Circulation of vehicles will pay three taxes in Catalonia.

According to figures exposed to public consultation, the Catalan government expected to raise with this tax 22.9 million euros in 2020, 142,5 in 2021, 148,4 in 2022, and 136,9 in 2022.

In total, over the next four years the treasury is the Catalan embolsaría 450 million euros net with the fight against the climate change flag.

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