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“Shared Bus to the Demand”, the new service Veox

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Writing.- Veox Early Adopters, a company that offers technological solutions for mobility for the sector of the transport of goods and passengers, has launched a new service to serve the actual mobility needs of the population. Is the so-called “Shared Bus to the Demand.” A platform directed both to cities and local entities that want to provide effective service of mobility to their population, as transport operators who want to offer comprehensive solutions for mobility in specific areas.

According to David Rye, Manager of Veox Early Adopters: “Our platform, “shared Bus to the Demand” comes into the market to meet the real needs of passengers and creating flexible routing. But also comes to make more efficient the activity of the fleet, optimizing resources for the businesses in terms of availability of vehicles and kilometers traveled”.

How does it work?

Through an application, travelers can be sent from your smartphone to a travel request, or through a call, indicating where they are and where they want to go. Of the same, an application to guide the driver automatically to the locations of the rising and falling of the travelers, by designing the most efficient route.

The advantages of the service are extensive, says Rye: “in a network of public buses can increase the number of passengers to the demand, helps to reduce the miles on empty, to reduce the space dedicated to car parks, to improve the connectivity of specific areas and to increase the number of users of public transport. It is a service designed for specific areas, whether rural, metropolitan, business centres, educational… “.

The system represents a savings to the operators of public transport who are able to design a mobility which is more adapted to the real needs, with vehicles also of a more suitable size for the volume of travelers and with a design of routes to optimize driving times and kilometres travelled by the vehicles. In addition, it offers a vision of the travel in real time, the operations are seen in a centralized way, also controls the number of seats occupied and managed the availability of vehicles.

The service can be integrated with the current systems of payment of the transport network. Your rates will be established by the city or the operator. Veox Early Adopters, claims that it can offer as a line of public transportation additional, with the same fee, or as a “service Premium”.

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