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Bugatti is working on a new car more “affordable” than the Chiron and 100% electric

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The Bugatti La Voiture Noire has made it clear in Geneva that the future of the constructor of Molsheim is in the super-expensive One-Off, but Bugatti is not closed to exploring other avenues and one of them is the make a car more affordable. Yes, Bugatti is working on a new car in price and performance is located below the Chiron, a car that also could be the first electric car of Bugatti and main showcase technological group in this new way of understanding mobility.

It is a fact, Bugatti want a car more “affordable” and then, yes it fits a super sports car, 100% electric

Bugatti is experimenting with new formats and ideas, a strategy that has inaugurated its new CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, in the pursuit of bringing Bugatti to a new stage. Under this idea it has been decided to drive the agenda of commissioners, special series and manufacture of One-Off, that way more cost-effective and exclusive to sell cars. But at the same time Winkelmann wants to take on new challenges, putting the focus on a Bugatti able to build a second car price and features more contained than that of the Bugatti Chiron or the Bugatti Divo.

Winkelmann has confirmed to have launched a working group to explore the idea of manufacturing a new Bugatti with less power and performance, capable of maintaining the idea of Bugatti in both differentiation and exclusivity with respect to other manufacturers, but at the same time offering a price that is more fitted to become the future access of range. This new project aims to bring Bugatti to a business model where a car of lower price than the Bugatti Chiron and its 2,5 million euros is possible.

But the tasks of this working group do not end here. Among the avenues to explore Winkelmann has also given priority to the development of an electric car, a concept unheard of in the brand, but that Winkelmann wants to analyze to the detail to see its potential. Given that it is intended to manufacture a car in more “cheap” and also less prestacional, the electric propulsion batteries might make sense, having, in addition to the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT as a perfect experimental trials and partners to reduce costs.

Thus, the first electric car of Bugatti is already in the phase of the study, in its earliest stage of fact, but working on its development in the face of a hypothetical release. However, Bugatti will show cautious, because like that is posed by this way of study, we should also be aware that your cancellation may come at any time. So much so that to continue this project and do not find major difficulties in their development, the production car wouldn’t be ready until at least within 4 years.

Source: Automotive News
Images: Bugatti Divo

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