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Audi is also studying call to review the e-tron in Europe, for a possible risk of fire

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Few days ago we did echo of the news that came from the united States, and that had to do with the new electric car from Audi. It was confirmed that Audi in the united States had initiated a call to review of the new Audi e-tron for a possible fire hazard. The makers of the brand did not take long to minimize the problem, claiming it was a small defect, which had not caused any problem in their cars, and even less a fire, and that they had acted with haste and excess of zeal to avoid problems. We now know that the call to review could be extended to Europe.

The call to review of Audi in the united States

Initially, Audi was called to review a total of 540 units of the Audi e-tron, of the 1.644 which have been delivered in the united States. Are not affected all the units that have been delivered and the call for review is stayed only in the united States.

As confirmed by Udo Ruegheimer, communication equipment Audi to Automotive News, the mark would be speaking with German authorities to launch a new call to review, this time in Europe. Although we still don’t have confirmed how many units of the Audi e-tron would be affected, the most of which have been delivered in Europe, some 2,300 only in Germany.

Audi is in talks with the German authorities to extend the call to review Europe

The defect has led to the call to review of Audi

As we said, Audi has ensured that the defect has not caused any problem, and have been particularly cautious when carrying out this call to review. And is that, according to recognized Audi, a defect in the cover of the charging port and the cabling could, potentially, facilitate reaching of moisture to the batteries. If there is something that you should avoid an electric car is precisely that, that the moisture gets to the battery packs. And that is why Audi has opted for a call to review early, and correct the defect in the cars that are already coming out of their factory, with the understanding that “in extreme cases could cause a fire”.

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