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Atfrie required quality and safety rigorous in order to transport pharmaceutical

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Writing.- Atfrie and the Spanish sector refrigerator require a security and a rigorous quality for the transport of pharmaceutical products under controlled temperature.

To do this, the association argues that the Guidelines of 5 November 2013 on good practice of distribution of medicines for human use, require you to demonstrate that you have maintained the storage conditions of the drug during storage and transport, and for this the certification in GDP in transport companies is your assurance of the transport pharmaceutical drugs for laboratories and distributors.

Traditionally, the vision of the transport under controlled temperature has been characterized by the provision of transport cash in terms reefer, taking care of the goods, vegetable and fruit to be transported in the domestic and international market.

But not everything leads back to the typology of goods and of temperature referred to, but the teams from the cold they also serve other type of temperatures, both heating, chilled, and also carry other consumer goods as important for the welfare of citizens as are the pharmacists.

In this field, we are producers ex officio, and that is recognized in other countries, at the time, both for the import of medicines, vitamins, and plasma produced in Spain, but also as consumers themselves, allowing our country to continue to be considered a “destination health care”, quality and reliability to move to those who need our care surgical and hospital.

To not break the cold chain that each pharmaceutical product needed, it is necessary not only to semi-trailers, and equipment in the cold of leading manufacturers, but also that the transport companies have the certification of quality required to advertise with quality each phase of the transport and attest to that as well to the pharmaceutical companies plaintiffs ‘ transport.

To address this question, Atfrie will count as rapporteur, with Javier Soler, Director of quality provisioning of QUALIPHARMA, in its biannual Congress to be held in El Puig (Valencia) the next 19 and 20 September

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