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So you hunt and you fine the DGT for driving a car without insurance

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The General Directorate of Traffic has taken very seriously a problem of people driving with your car without insurance. Of way which have improved the surveillance means, for any camera, any radar can detect those cars on the roads without insurance. And step get to punish all those driving without insurance with a fine of 1,500 euros. The means of monitoring employees, and the penalties faced by drivers without insurance, are important enough to deter anyone from doing so. But unfortunately, the data of the DGT show that there are still too many cars without insurance in Spain. Now, how can it catches you by the DGT circular in a car without insurance?

Monitoring: as well you hunting the DGT in a car with no insurance

A few years ago, the DGT announced that it will employ all the automated means at their disposal to detect which cars circulate without insurance. That means that any radar, any camera of traffic, is susceptible to catch drivers who are driving with a car that is not insured. Radars, and systems that have a sanctioning procedure automated, such as cameras that monitor the use of safety belt and mobile phone, are able to identify the registration of all the cars that circulate in the operating range of their cameras and can issue a fine even if we have not exceeded the speed limits.

The DGT has a base of data, synchronized with the insurers, from which you can check if the car is insured or not.

Any radar, and any camera of traffic, you can identify the registration of your car, check that circulates without insurance and sancionarte with a fine of 1,500 euros

Radar Falso Dgt 2Radar Falso Dgt 2

If my car is stationary, do you have insurance?

According to Traffic, every vehicle must have purchased the mandatory insurance, to circulate or not, as well as having passed the relevant Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV). The car is stopped it is no excuse for not having insurance, even when it remains in a private grounds, for example in a farm or in a garage.

The only possibility might be to have a car and that this could not be insured is that you have made the temporary low.

Any car, to circulate or not, has to have mandatory insurance and the corresponding ITV, the only possibility for not being obliged to hire an insurance is that the car has been given a low temporal

Estafa Multa Radar Foto Pegasus Exceso VelocidadEstafa Multa Radar Foto Pegasus Exceso Velocidad

The fine for traveling with a car without insurance

Depending on Traffic, each year is sanctioned to more than 140,000 drivers due to the lack of mandatory insurance in your car. The sanction provided by the authorities is a fine of 1,500 euros for traveling without insurance.

It is also important to remember that the collection of fines for traveling without insurance will not fully dedicated to the coffers of Traffic, but a good portion, 50% of fines is reinvested into the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which is responsible for the compensation to victims of traffic accidents.

In the case in which it has an automated means, a surveillance camera, or a radar, that identifies that we are driving without insurance, it will issue automatically a fine, which will come to our home. If it were a patrol of Traffic, or a random control, which finds that we drive without insurance, the car would be immobilized.

Circular without insurance will not only cost you € 1,500 fine, but also to the immobilization of the vehicle

Accidente Colision Coche 0619 01Accidente Colision Coche 0619 01

What happens if I have an accident with a car without insurance

If we drive a car without insurance can face a fine, to the immobilization of our car, and also carrying on with costs huge in the case of suffering an accident. If we suffer an accident in which the culprit has been a car who was uninsured, in addition to the compensation arising from court proceedings that are relevant, we will have a right of access to the compensation provided by the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

To finish, let us remember why it is so worrying, the phenomenon of the cars without insurance. According to Traffic more than 2 million vehicles circulating without insurance in Spain, of which they are hunted in Spain about 140,000.


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