Home News So is the new Mercedes C 300, the new hybrid car, with a diesel engine, Mercedes

So is the new Mercedes C 300, the new hybrid car, with a diesel engine, Mercedes

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Mercedes adds a new engine to the new Mercedes C-Class, a Mercedes C-Class 2018 which, remember, was presented in the first quarter of 2018 with a face wash that introduced timid aesthetic changes, improvements in equipment and driving aids are available, and new engines, a list of new mechanical options to which now we must add a proposed hybrid, a Mercedes C-Class plug-in hybrid that, swimming against the current, is supported by a diesel engine. So is the Mercedes C 300 and this is all that we know by now of the new hybrid car from Mercedes.

The Mercedes C 300 is a C-Class plug-in hybrid with diesel engine

Ready to hit dealerships of the brand the new Mercedes C 300 of us proposes a perspective of hybrid Mercedes C-Class that arrives in the middle of a crisis of the diesel engines, with a great deal of uncertainty about their future and a public opinion that is so vague as critical.

This Mercedes C 300 is supported in a diesel engine of 2 litres of cubicaje that develops a power of 194 HP, with a torque of 400 Nm and is associated to an electric motor with 122 HP getting together with a power of 306 HP and a great torque of 700 Nm.

The Mercedes C 300 has an output of 306 HP, and its autonomy in electric mode is 57 km

With these credentials, the Mercedes C 300 is able to dial a 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, a good registry and offers us an interesting autonomy in all-electric mode of 57 km, being able to fully charge their batteries in a conventional in 5 hours, time that is reduced to only an hour and a half if we resorted to the quick decision of a wallbox.

For now, Mercedes has not announced the price of this version of the Mercedes C-Class to our market. In Spain, the Mercedes C-Class 2018 has a starting price of 41.104 euros from the hand of Mercedes C 180, with a petrol engine of 156 HP. In addition we should not forget that the Mercedes C 200, 184 HP, has a system of microhibridación 48v and cost of 44.500 euros.

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The Mercedes C-Class is the sedan of mid-size Mercedes. Also available in body familiar with the Mercedes C-Class Estate and with the body of a 2-door with the Mercedes C-Class Coupe. Launched in 2014.


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