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This is the interior of the Porsche Taycan: all digital for the electric car optionally-free skin

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Lack bit for the official presentation of the first electric car from Porsche, the Porsche Taycan. Therefore, the brand from Stuttgart is going daisy leaf by leaf, showing little by little how will your car more revolutionary than the last few years. On this occasion, we discover the interior, fully digital and with new features never seen until now in Porsche.

Before the Porsche Taycan be unveiled in full on the 4th of September, it is time to know how it will be in your cabin, an interior digitized that uses the most modern technology in their systems, while trying to maintain some classic elements, such as the remote boot on the left side of the steering wheel.

Curved Panel 16.8 inches

We started by the panel of instruments located behind the steering wheel. Inspired by the panel of five watches of the 911, but the draw on a screen, a curved 16,8 inches of glass and a polarizing filter. It is bigger than the steering wheel itself, so that it exceeds the extreme of this that you can choose from with a design of your own or the well-known steering wheel GT already mounted other current models of Porsche.

Maintaining the tradition, the start button is on the left side of the steering wheel

Porsche Taycan panel mandos curvoPorsche Taycan panel mandos curvo

At the ends of both sides with knobs to handle the lights and the settings of chassis and suspension. In terms of the way in which information is displayed, there are four modes depending on the tastes of the driver:

  • Classic mode (power meter): evokes the typical watches round of Porsche. This screen provides information clearly organized, allowing for a quick read. A power meter replaces the rev counter in the middle position.

  • Map mode: in the place of a meter power figure the navigation map.

  • Map mode Completely: ignores intentionally the clocks round to make space for a map of navigation that is displayed on the full screen.

  • Purist mode: displays only information essential related to speed, traffic signs or navigation (making use of a schematic arrow).

All through screens

Another of the doubts that have been cleared for the show and tell us in detail how will be the interior of the Porsche Taycan is if they were to opt for a classical solution with physical buttons as in the 911, 718 or Macan, or if they were going to equip it with a modern system of screens in the style Panamera or Cayenne, without physical buttons.

Porsche Taycan InteriorPorsche Taycan Interior

Let’s say that in the Taycan have opted for this second option, although to tell the truth at a glance the only similarity with the controls for the Panamera and Cayenne is that the buttons have been reduced to a minimum.

The only analog clock that we can find in the Porsche Taycan is the Sport Chrono is optional, which presides over the dashboard in the central position elevated

A central display of 10,9 inches is integrated in the black panel that runs along the width of the dashboard. In it you can manage the settings of the Porsche Stability Management (PASM), navigation, telephone, multimedia, comfort, and Porsche Connect.

To make more simple the access to all these commands without being distracted from driving, it has been chosen also to incorporate a modern system of control by voice. Pressing a button located on the left arm of the steering wheel and saying the well-known “Hey Porsche”, we can ask what we want, and as they say, the car will.

Own screen for the passenger

Porsche Taycan interiorPorsche Taycan interior

For the first time at Porsche, and being an optional element, the airbag may have its own screen, is also integrated in the black panel that gives way to the dashboard.

This solution that we had already seen in cars like the Ferrari 812 Superfast, allows in this case the co-pilot has its own navigation menu to see the map, entertainment, phone, and other functions.

Both, pilot and copilot will have the feeling that you are sitting very low thanks to the design of the central console and the dashboard, which is considerably high.

In the central console that separates the front seats find the other display key of the car. This is a screen of 8.4 inch with force feedback where the controls of air-conditioning and information about other elements, such as the state of the battery charge.

In the back seats a touch control panel additional 5.9 inches with force feedback allows you to manage the climate control independent rear

Yes, as we suspected, to drive the aeration, open or close the flow of air, we will have to resort to a screen that seems to have an architecture of menus pretty simple, something important to avoid distractions at the wheel.

Sustainable materials for the interior

Porsche Taycan interiorPorsche Taycan interior

As we said at the beginning, the Porsche Taycan to be the first car 100% electric Porsche, it’s going to be revolutionary in many aspects. One of them will be the configuration options for the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

For example, it will be the only Porsche that you can buy with an interior that is completely free of skin. In this setting resort to the “Race-Tex”, a high-quality microfibre made partially of polyester fibers recycled in whose production generates 80 percent less CO2 than traditional materials.

On the other hand, the floor is covered with a recycled fiber called “Econyl®”, which is made among other components with fishing nets recycled.

Customers who want to be able to choose the leather and the skin, which will have different configurations and colours to suit the tastes of the client. For example, the leather Club “OLEA” tanning in a sustainable way, using olive leaves in the process of darkening.

You can also choose moldings, custom wood, carbon matte, aluminum embossed or fabric.

Porsche Taycan prototipoPorsche Taycan prototipo

Little by little we know more details about the first electric car from Porsche. The Porsche Taycan to the full-we will know on the 4th of September, the date set for its official presentation.

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