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Angeles Belmonte, the mother of the “Trucker without a Truck,” the Congress

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Ángeles Belmonte, madre, camionero, camión, congreso,

EFE.- Angeles Belmonte has 84 years, is a native of the hamlet of Fernán Pérez, Níjar (Almería), and has become one of the people with more advanced age that attend the Congress, with the intention of continuing the battle begun years ago by his son, known as a Trucker without a Truck.

The old woman is the mother of Miguel Angel Navarro, who years ago starred in several actions eye-catching as to stay in diapers before the Courts in protest over non-payment of the promissory notes of a company for which I worked, which led him to lose his work vehicle and finally to the eviction of her mother, who is now third in the list of Seats in White by Almeria.

After losing your home, los Angeles Belmonte was installed in a tent. The eviction occurred at ten in the morning of December 2, 2011, when the woman was leaving with her son unemployed, as well as four other people in the same situation, the property, to be installed in the sidewalk in front.

Now a resident of squatter house in your own home and have received an offer of social rented by the financial institution that has been awarded. In these years, has been the main support of your child’s stonewalling in atms and even to be chained together in April 2012 to the doors of the Bank of Spain with the hope that the president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, looked after to the “injustices” that he was suffering.

The goal then was to get a proposal to the Government to change the rules of arrears, with the considered that it could prevent thousands of self-employed workers are seen in the ruin to the debtors who are suffering by other firms of larger size.

In statements to Efe, Belmonte recalls how he began working from a small range, with just 6 years, keeping pigs out of his family. With 7 did the same with the goats from a neighbor and later again with the herd of their parents. He recalls how an 8-year old met a boy of 12 he saw it without “food or backpack,” and for several years took care of as his “hermanilla small”.

Working cream, Angels married with a man who “worked in the mine,” with whom he had three children, Antonio, Francisco and Miguel Angel. When the medium he was about to turn 6 years old, he had an accident one day that he was to accompany her to collect esparto grass. You nailed a “straw” in the eye and had to be moved to the capital of almeria. There, after operating the child, the candidate for Congress he met a woman who told him that “if the eye doctor said that I had view, was to Barraquer -the well-known center of ophthalmology, Barcelona-“. “With that I left to go to Barcelona”.

In the City of Barcelona would be the following 33 years. “I dedicated myself to work, house-to-house. I was working in the subway…”, says Angeles, who notes that he got his driving licence with 42 years after a trip to Almeria. “My son Antonio told me that he was going to take me.” Asked the master if he “could make a tape with the class” and without knowing how to read or write, passed the exam. Nothing more to obtain it, he began to work, doing deliveries for an agency by the center of Barcelona. With time, he’d mount his own transport agency, with 14 trucks.

Tireless, bought at Lerida “four fields of almond and olive trees” and a house. With more than 70 years is still in charge of felling the trees and tilling with a tractor that was the envy of a lady who had “everything” and that I saw when I walked to horse. “I’ve done everything. Hechurías of many kinds,” he says between laughter. Finally, he would return to Almería and in October 2007 began his worst nightmare at the start of the foreclosure on your home, the same with which he had endorsed to his sons Miguel Angel and Francisco.

Without a previous relationship with the policy, now go to the Congress to “help” his son. “We have done a lot of damage, and to me also. I have removed the house from the pure policy. I have not helped you, nor to me nor to my son, for nothing. We have ruined the life”, he argues. While he remembers how to “empapelaron” all the offices of the entity that conducted the foreclosure, and have gone through a “lot of towns and cities”, maintains that “do it again” because it did “nothing to cast them out of his house.”

By Miguel Martín Alonso.

(Photo: EFE/Carlos Barba)

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