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Alsa is in control of the company canaria, Guaguas Gumidafe

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@Luna_cb.- The road transport company of passengers Alsa has taken control of the majority of the shares of the enterprise canaria bus Gimidafe. This company of the fortunate islands and covers at present the regular line between the towns of Guía and Gáldar. It also has more than 100 routes to school on the island of Gran Canaria, besides of count with the services of tours and discretionary, among others.

With this purchase, the multinational Alsa gets to take positions in the school services and regular of the Canary islands, since until this moment only had a part in the shareholding of Tenerife City View, a company that is in charge to exploit the services of the tourist bus in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It is well-known that Alsa has an important establishment in the territory of the peninsula. The company reported on Thursday the acquisition of the company “guaguas” Gumidafe, going this way to “have a platform that will lead to future growth in the islands”. Up to now, together with Aragon, the Canary islands was the only Autonomous Community in which -with the exception of the company’s Tenerife City View-, Alsa did not have a certain implementation.

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