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Goodbye, Beetle! The last Volkswagen Beetle made gives way to more and more SUV

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As I anticipated some days ago. The production of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle soon it was going to end after 81 years of manufacturing almost uninterrupted. The past 10 of July came out of the facilities of Volkswagen of Mexico, Puebla, the last unit, the final unit of the legendary Beetle. It is a shame that a car as iconic for Volkswagen will stop producing. Not in vain, was the car that made the brand what it is today, a car without which it would not have recovered from the Second World War. The real sad news is that the Beetle dies without a worthy successor to the vista.

The reasons that wields Volkswagen to stop making the Beetle have a lot of sense: it is a car that is at the end of its commercial life cycle, and their sales were a shadow of what they were a few years ago. Today, the German brand has as a compact reference to the Volkswagen Golf, focusing its efforts on the SUV and the crossover, which represent a significant part of their total sales – a portion that does not stop growing. The Volkswagen Beetle dies without a successor, while for a time it was rumored the launch of an electric cut-retro, built on the platform MEB.

Fin Volkswagen Beetle Tarek 7Fin Volkswagen Beetle Tarek 7

All Volkswagen Beetle third generation have been built in Mexico, and sold in 91 markets worldwide.

While these rumors have not been discarded, we know that he will never be a car with the spirit of the original. And be that as it may, a car as well is years view. The immediate reality is that the production facilities of Volkswagen of Mexico will begin immediately to produce the Volkswagen Tarek. The Volkswagen Tarek is a todocamino compact, positioned below the Volswagen Tiguan and built on the MQB platform. It is a car aimed at the us market and american, and its introduction into Europe is not expected, since in these parts we have the Volkswagen T-Roc and Volkswagen T-Cross.

The Volkswagen Tarek is a version of “americanized” of the Volkswagen Tharu, a crossover built for the chinese market. It will adapt its design and equipment, but will be essentially the same car. Interestingly, the Tarek will be just three inches shorter than the Volkswagen Tiguan, but you will need a positioning even more affordable. It will be a car with materials and finishes, more discrete, and will not have even the option of fitting all-wheel drive. In addition, only will be sold with petrol engines of four cylinders, with powers as far, you will reach in your spectrum above 190 HP.

Fin Volkswagen Beetle Tarek 1Fin Volkswagen Beetle Tarek 1

We have sold over half a million units of the third generation of the Volkswagen Beetle. The first sold more than 20 million.

In a way, it is a car with a positioning similar to that of the Mercedes GLB in the range of Volkswagen, built on a platform compact, but it is equally or more spacious than the model above it. Be that as it may, the last Volkswagen Beetle made will be exhibited at the museum of Volkswagen in Puebla, while other units engrosarán the collection of historical vehicles of Volkswagen of America.


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