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Goodbye to ride a bike for the bus lane in Valencia

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A bike is the most effective way to confront the urban jungle of a major city, by speed, by its relative economy, for his comfort in front of the bicycle or the public transportation, the ease of parking… in Addition, in certain cities we can add the huge advantage of being able to circulate in the Bus lane / Taxi, counting as well with a sharp weapon of face-to-face to the congested avenues, something that as of tomorrow you will not be able to do in the city of Valencia.

In Valencia you will not be able to circulate through the Bus lane / Taxi on a bike

The new municipal ordinance of Valencia pulls out of the Bus lanes / Taxi to the bikes, a fact which not only impacts negatively on the own mobility of the bikes but also the cars and other vehicles of the road, getting extremely congested, more conventional lanes.

In addition, we must not lose sight of that when you take the bikes in the Bus lane / Taxi we are also harming the safety of motorists having to deal with now roads with the most traffic, and from an environmental point of view is also worse that the “stalling” of the bikes between the traffic conventional.

In addition to creating a greater density of traffic, this measure is detrimental to the safety of motorists

In cities like London or Madrid it is permissible for the bikes to flow through this type of lane, a measure that in his time, in Madrid, meant that in 5 years, reduce by 15% the number of deaths and serious injuries among motorcyclists in the capital, as well pointing from ANESDOR, the National Association of Companies in the Sector of Two Wheels.

Next to this measure, the new ordinance of mobility city has also limited the possibility to park the bike on those sidewalks that are not wide enough, a logical step to facilitate the transit of pedestrians and which has been reciprocated with the addition of new parking for motorcycles, parking from ANESDOR considered to be insufficient, requesting that they become parking lots for bikes some of the parking spaces to car that there are near zebra crossings, and intersections, thus not only facilitate the parking to the users of the bike but also improved the safety by giving pedestrians greater visibility in this type of critical points.


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