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Turning to the scooters electrical

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We follow laps with the scooters electrical. In recent years, sparked controversy, to criticism of this new mobility solution for the city, propitiated especially for the discomfort generated in many cities for services, rental of scooters, electric shared that, before the passivity and slowness of the aldermen city, they occupied the public road. Today is not time to talk about scooters electric shared, but the safety of this type of vehicles single-person.

DGT: the scooters electric by the road

In full European Mobility Week, opened a debate, led by the Center of Studies PUT the BRAKE-AXA posed by the impact that they can have the new vehicle of personal mobility, such as scooters electric, in the loss ratio. The General Directorate of Traffic was emphatic when remembering that “the sidewalk is for pedestrians” and that neither scooters, electric, or bicycle, should circulate through these areas reserved for the pedestrian. This message is not new, and is exactly the same as that already passed years ago, in 2012, with the instruction of the DGT regarding scooters, and other vehicles of personal mobility, addressed to the town councils.

The DGT asked the municipalities to facilitate the use of scooters, electric at the roadway, and prevent it in the sidewalks. The current reality is quite different. Many municipalities follow this instruction, while in others, it punishes the use of scooters, electric by the road. Without a policy, consistent, and at the national level, it is difficult to ensure the safety of pedestrians and users of scooters, and these latter are with the uncertainty and, often, the difficulty to understand and comply with municipal regulations.

The DGT is urging town halls to limit the use of scooters, electric by the road and promises to a regulation that, before the political instability, continues to be delayed

Audi Combines E Scooter With SkateboardAudi Combines E Scooter With Skateboard

Scooters and electric bikes

From the Association of users of Mobility Vehicles Personal precisely pointed in that direction and requested something that many users of scooters, electric we are asking for from a long time ago, that the treatment of these is exactly the same as that given in the regulations for bicycle use. This association also recalled that “it is absolutely impossible to get around in a sustainable way for Madrid following the rules”.

In the case of the Spanish capital, the scooters electric are prohibited on the sidewalks, and their use is allowed by the road conditions very concrete, in streets 30 – limited to 30 km/h – and-way single-lane and direction. During the mayor’s office of Manuela Carmena establishing these guidelines, with the promise of studying for a year the possibility of allowing the use of scooters electric in other ways, with lanes shared roadway for bikes and cars. But in the last few months there was a relay in the mayor’s office, governed now by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, his team, and its partners of government, without the carrying out of this measure, which certainly would be necessary for the scooters electric to be useful, and can make a safe use of them.

The Association of users to Vehicles of Personal Mobility calls for the treatment of scooters electric is the same as that given in the regulations to the bicycle

Audi Combines E Scooter With SkateboardAudi Combines E Scooter With Skateboard

Since PONS Road Safety, also pointed in a direction really successful. In the past year, “the 60,000 accidents on urban roads that left 489 deceased, 5 were vehicles of personal mobility”. The most vulnerable in cities remain “pedestrians, cyclists and motorists”. In any case, I also pose the revision of the infrastructures, which were initially raised in the two areas, and focused on two groups, the road to drive on, and sidewalks for walking.

In the meantime, and in a situation of paralysis by the political landscape in Spanish, we are still waiting for the regulation that the DGT has promised to the scooters electrical. Something that, far from causing fear among the users of scooters, electric – and I repeat, I am – it should also be a request that we use this type of vehicle of personal mobility, providing guarantees, security, and consistency between different municipalities.


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