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10 fines that you may not know you can get Pegasus (in addition to the excess speed)

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Since entering in service, the helicopters of the DGT equipped with Pegasus have become the greatest fear of many drivers. Are effective in pursuing the excesses of speed, able to control the roads from the air, very far away from the angle of vision of the driver. Its effectiveness is not only lies in its ability to control the roads, but also generate a driver something that, when it comes to improving road safety, we do not like, the sense of fear, and the risk that any infringement can be hunted. The best-known application of Pegasus is, without doubt, control the excesses of speed. But Pegasus can also it catches you and punish these 10 fines that you may not know. And none of them are speeding.


How it works and fine Pegasus?

If we are strict, we say that Pegasus is not the technical name for the helicopters from the Directorate General of Traffic, but an integrated system to control the roads, which is comprised of radars and cameras. A technology developed for the military, which is also used in the civil sphere, in this case to control the traffic. As we said, this system has a laser rangefinder, cameras L3-Wescam high-resolution and far-reaching objectives. The margins of error in the uptake of excess speed are very small. And is able to capture sharp images and high resolution at 300 meters high and a kilometer distance. While a panoramic camera tracks the vehicle and captures the infringement, the other with telephoto lens focus plate, and a system of recognition of images to read the license plate.

We will not go into more detail about this technology which, as we see, it is really effective. And from now on we will talk about Pegasus simplifying and referring to the set of the helicopter and its technology Pegasus.


1. Overtaking improper on conventional roads

Despite the image some may have of Pegasus is that of a helicopter by controlling excess speed on motorways and highways, the helicopters of the DGT tend to be used routinely on conventional roads. In fact, the DGT increasingly used more resources in the control of the secondary roads. And one of the violations most dangerous that controls is that of the overtaking improper, with a continuous line, or with vehicles approaching in the opposite direction, putting at risk the lives of other road users.

Pegasus hunting the overtaking improper: 200 euro fine and loss of 4 points


2. Pegasus also controls the safety distance

Pegándote the car that you preceding are not going to get anything more than cause a situation of danger, pressing another driver, and risking that in case of braking, collisions hopelessly against him. In its monitoring of the roads, Pegasus also focuses attention on the drivers that do not respect the safety distance.

More information, guidance, and fines for not respecting the safety distance.

Pegasus controls the safety distance: 200 euro fine and removal of 4 points of the card


3. Stop, Yield, direction changes, and improper…

On secondary roads, often, violations occur which, as I say, there is a great danger, such as skip-a-Stop, a Yield, or change their meaning unduly. The conventional roads are the most lives are charged each year and that is why the DGT has stepped up its efforts to control these pathways and prosecuting offences committed in them.

To skip a Stop, or a Yield, or a spin abuse: 200 euro fine and removal of 3 or 4 points of the card


4. Pegasus we are fine if we put in danger to cyclists

Pegasus will not be fined if you walk on the continuous line, in a safe place, to forward to one or several riders. But yes you will be fined if you don’t respect the safety distance side, which is 1.5 meters. The DGT is allocating increasingly more resources to the protection of cyclists, to control the roads that usually run, and to punish those who commit this type of offence.

Pegasus controls if you rise before unduly to cyclists: 200 euros of fines and withdrawal of 4 points


5. Pegasus also fine cyclists

Despite the fact that the bikes did not have license plates, Pegasus can, and indeed able, to punish cyclists. We consist and are documented cases such as the platoon occupying a good part of the road unnecessarily, or even riders that were circulating in the opposite direction by a dual carriageway (web of the DGT). Pegasus can not identify the offenders, but to request the support of a patrol of earth that go and ask for the identification of cyclists.

Violations such as circular in the opposite direction by a highway as a bicycle pose fines of up to € 500


6. Pegasus pursues the careless driving and reckless

The wide field-of-view of the helicopters Pegasus makes it easier for those drivers who carry out a erratic driving, or sports, may be identified with ease. A driver who travels an excessive rate of speed, invade unnecessarily the opposite lane, pisa continuously the continuous line, shortened the bends, and so on, you can be fined for careless driving or reckless.

Careless driving or reckless: between 200 and 500 euro fine, loss of up to 6 points of the card and up the face of a crime that carries prison sentences of between 6 months to 2 years and deprivation of the right to drive between 1 and 6 years


7. Fines for using your mobile phone

The ability to capture images of Pegasus comes to the point that you can identify if we are using the mobile phone, and obtain evidence, in the form of a video, of our offense. The DGT is particularly worried about the use of the mobile, not just on calls but on everything using messaging applications such as Whatsapp and social networks, and is increasing their staff for the monitoring of this type of infractions can lead to violations and, consequently, traffic accidents. Remember that the penalties for mobile phone use, if the DGT continues with his plan, will lead to even harsher penalties.

If Pegasus you are hunting using the mobile phone: 200 euro fine and the withdrawal of 3 points from his license. The DGT is preparing a reform that aims to increase the hardness of the penalty until the withdrawal of 6 points of id


8. Pegasus also hunting and fine distractions

To understand the resolution and the capacity of the chambers of Pegasus, suffice it to say that traffic officers have caught drivers doing a rubik’s cube, or even liándose a joint!

You get distracted behind the wheel: fine of 200 euros and the loss of 3 points


9. Pegasus knows that you’re not wearing the safety belt

Pegasus is also able to identify, with absolute clarity, when the driver or passenger on the roads without the safety belt. The chambers of Pegasus have not only been witnesses of drivers and passengers without a belt, and even of those that see the helicopter and put on the belt, but also of children without the restraint systems adequate, or even animals that were traveling next to the driver.

Do not use the safety belt: 200 euro fine and the withdrawal of 3 points from his license


10. Fine for travelling in the left lane

Although many drivers are still being complaining because of not pursuing enough of this infringement, what is certain is that Pegasus also has fined drivers for using the left lane, or middle lane, and improperly.

Use the middle lane or the left improperly: fine of 200 euros


Pegasus fine speeding

As you can see, Pegasus is able to hunt and cite many violations. However, the violation for which it is more effective and efficient to Pegasus, and that we often think of when we talk about these helicopters is that of the fines by excess of speed. Systems metrological Pegasus have great accuracy and can hunt for excess of speed of up to 360 km/h, with a margin of error negligible, to a height of 300 metres and a kilometre of distance.


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